A Guide to Chale Wote Street Arts Festival, Ghana

The streets of the historical Jamestown in Accra is always buzzing with a variety of art activities for both locals and tourists during the Chale Wote Street Art Festival. The annual week-long festival takes place around August. Taking over High Street in Accra with music, dance, art performances, fashion parade, creative workshops and much more. Considered by many as one of the best festivals in Ghana, Chale Wote has led the art transformation of the city of Accra into the one of the biggest cultural production hubs in West Africa. And has gone to inspire similar and various Ghana festivals across the country.

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Formed in 2011, Chale Wote has a well-deserved reputation for its cultural significance. The festival aims to develop the arts whilst promoting Ghanaian culture. A platform for local upcoming artists to present themselves to the world – artists within the city using the festival to give Accra a facelift. This is a premier arts event worthy of a calendar space in your agenda!

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
Performers thrilling the streets at the festival. @ niikotei

Musical performances featuring hometown bands to international artists and local favourites. The Chale Wote Street Art Festival has no shortage of engaging activities including; street painting, films screenings, interactive art installations and much more. Fashionistas can take part in the fashion parade with the rich and colourful Kente and African prints. Creativity beyond style!

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
3D inspired work of Quentin VerCetty inside Brazil House.

Uniquely African, yet inclusive and welcoming to guests from all over the world. Guests can explore the streets, and also indulge in tasty creations of different cuisines at the festival.

Chale Wote in photos

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
Work by @mohawudu & @nicowayo on Brazil Lane at Chale Wote 2017. Photo: @niikotei & @abdularafat_
Comfort Arthur used her “Naughty Nii” animations as a revolt to the norm of western animation that flood our screens and libraries
Work by Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi performed at the James Fort Prison in Jamestown. @ niikotei
Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
Wata Women: some of the women artists, writers, researchers and filmmakers for #ChaleWote2017
Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
Scene from 2017 Chale Wote opening exhibition. Photo: niikotei
Chale Wote Street Arts Festival
Mix of artists talking, film screenings, special workshops, DJ mixers and performances. Photo: @niikotei
Yvette Nsiah’s colorful mosaic panels embedded with portraits of black women
A Consciousness Project by Latifah Iddriss, installed inside Ussher Fort for Chale Wote 2017. Photo: @latifah_iddriss
Night jamming session at Mantse Agbonaa. Photo: @niikotei


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