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A Guide to The Maasai Market in Nairobi

Nairobi might be known for being the gateway to numerous safaris. Treasure trove of a city that for safari-bound tourists. The city has good attractions, vibrant cultural life and exciting nightlife. Beyond that, Nairobi has a great market culture with vintage crafts and flea markets throughout the city. Flea markets in Nairobi are where bargain hunters go to seek out the best buys.

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Maasai Market

The Maasai Market is a series of an open-markets from Nairobi CBD to all over the Counties. One of the great experiences for safari-goers, offer true local experiences alongside some bargain buys. This a globally recognised flea market in Kenya, and easily one of the best markets in the country. Hosted in various locations in Nairobi all days of the weekend thru weekend, except on Monday. Market with local produce made by Kenya local artisans. Series of the Maasai market makes the best souvenir markets in Nairobi, always a great shopping destination. Visiting one of the many flea markets is a beloved local tradition.

Local produce

Maasai market the best flea market in Nairobi
Handicraft items at the market in Nairobi, Kenya. © Nigel Mahiri

The market is filled with local produce from all over the region. What’s your interest? A wide variety of items, colouful and vibrant. Colorful kikoys, Maasai prints, curios, baskets, bead works, abstract art African figures, African busts, belts, candle holders, clay art, clothing, cooking, utensils, cushions drums, hats, horns, jewelry, leather masks, woven baskets. And many other interesting African handicrafts. An amazing market to practice your bargaining skills while you shop for souvenirs. Support the locals, shop like a local and experience an authentic Kenyan life. Ignore and avoid the “middleman/broker” that tries to take you around. They are pushy, and will double and triple the price, if you fall for their trick.

Locations & Days

The Maasai Market is open several days a week, and held at different locations in Nairobi.

  • Monday – There is usually no market on this day.
  • Tuesday – Kijabe Street Park next to Nairobi River and Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road.
  • Wednesday – Capital Center along Mombasa road.
  • Thursday – The junction Mall, and along Ngong road.
  • Friday – The Village market along Limuru road in Gigiri and Langinton Mall.
  • Saturday – The High court parking in the city Center opposite Re-Insurance Plaza & Prestige Plaza along Ngong road.
  • Sunday – Yaya Centre, shopping mall in Nairobi, along Valley Road in Hurlingham.
Maasai market the best flea market in Nairobi
Maasai prints and handmade craft products at the Maasai Market in Nairobi. © Nigel Mahiri

Easily the best flea market in Nairobi, a once in a lifetime experience that rewards with great souvenirs from Kenya. Culturally significant market in Nairobi, that continues to provide a unique experience for locals and tourists. Go, embrace the culture, explore and have fun!


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