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A Hearty Guide to Enugu’s Abacha and Ugba

Traditional abacha and ugba are made in a spicy creamy sauce loaded with dried fish, ugba and peppers for the ideal hearty dish. Abacha is a traditional meal which originates from Igboland (the eastern part of Nigeria). Dried shaved cassava is the main ingredient in this delicacy. Then abacha is Later soaked with lukewarm water and combined with spices and seasonings. They say Abacha is never complete without ugba, special additive made from oil bean seeds.

Enugu in southeastern Nigeria is known for its reputation to this dish. Enugu is a brilliant city for foodies, and visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to places to eat abacha-ugba. Not only is Abacha-ugba one of the favourite dishes in eastern Nigeria, it’s importance in Igbo homes is comparable to bread in French cuisine. Those who eat abacha often pair it with palm wine, the ultimate local drink.

Making abacha involves mixture of a proportional blend of all the original ingredients to give the flavourful wonder taste. This meal is delicious, nutritious and quite fun to prepare if you know what you’re doing. This is served traditionally with roasted fish, stockfishkpomo (cow skin). Now cap it off with a cold palm wine drink.

To truly sample the tastiest of this dish, you’ll need to visit Enugu, Nigeria.

How to prepare abach and ugba

Abacha is one of the Nigerian recipes that are prepared with lots of ingredients. Those in Nigeria always know where to get the right stuff. And if you’re outside Nigeria, you can also buy some of the ingredients in African grocery shops. Although, some of the ingredients can only be sourced from your Nigerian friends and affiliates. Click here to find abacha and ugba recipe!


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