Find Your Tasty African Recipes on Yummly

African Cuisine: Tasty African Recipes

Ever wanted to explore the African cuisine, and have your favourite African recipes right in your pocket? Well now you can! We’ve started publishing our amazing homemade recipes on Yummly! It’s now super easy to click the yum button on our recipes – it sends them straight to your Recipe Box/Collection on the Yummly app/website. Start finding your tasty recipes on Yummly, because Dream Africa is now publishing on Yummly.

If you’re a foodie, you look at a lot of recipes. Yummly is a great tool for finding, organizing and sharing your favourite recipes. Hell yes! Add a Yummly bookmarklet to your browser to make it easy to save recipes to Yummly as you browse the web. You can organize the recipes you save into different collections and recipe box. Yummly will generate recommendations about other recipes you might like – also generates nutritional info for your recipes.

Go check out our publisher page; Dream Africa Yummly and start Yumming our recipes so you can access them quickly and easily. Are you a food blogger? You definitely want to get involved with Yummly. Details on how to publish on Yummly can be found over here.