Have Old Nigerian Movies Completely Influenced The New?

African Films: Classic Nigerian Movies (Nollywood)
Director: Chris Obi Rapu. Cast: Francis Agu, Grace Ayozie, Chizoba Bosah.

It had become a norm to sit in front of the TV to predict and criticize every scene displayed in a Nigerian made movie. Was it badly written? Was the problem the actors? We could never decide with how bad the oldies had gone.

Yes, there were legendary Nigerian movies like New Direction depicting the truth in culture at a certain time but it increasingly became sickening when they could never come up with something new and the conversations always led to nothingness and ignorant facts.

The oldies had culture in it but it lost it all to the over exaggeration of things, straying too far from reality and getting lost in depicting stories always including illiteracy, fight for kinship and Lagos being a hustle free land where you go to make it.

Were there moral lessons? Yes, but the constant drama blinded us from seeing more. There was scarcely the portrayal of the realistic lifestyle.

Something soon changed and it was the rise of New Media (movie makers, script writers and actors) which proved that it was okay to learn a few tips from the alphas in film and not completely loose our culture. The New Media stuck to originality, never strayed from portraying our valuable culture, showed the reality of things, was mature and relieved us from playing predictors.

The New Media introduced in Nigeria the evolution of turning stand alones like Fifty to a TV series, bringing comedy series like Jenifa’s Dairy and The Johnsons, amongst others to our screens.

The change in the film industry is one that is hard to miss and one that cannot be trumped with reintroductions of our favorite TV stars, increased access to Nigerian movies with the birth of Ebony Live and Iroko TV, amongst others and nonstop sold out movies like Banana Island Ghost, The Wedding Party, The Alter Ego, amongst others.

The evolution of Nollywood has proven that the Nigerian Movie Industry can be transformed and can make a name abroad and just like the New Media, the Oldies have had their time to thrive.

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