Check Out These Amazing Artworks By Peju Alatise

Amazing Artworks
The unconscious struggle

Born in 1975 in the Nigerian city Lagos, Peju and her seven siblings were raised within a fairly traditional Muslim family. Peju Alatise is a mixed-medium artist. Peju’s interest in investigating the power of womanhood by utilizing clothing as a material to evoke a representation of the body is truly delightful. Peju has practiced as a studio artist for over several years and has addressed several social, political and gender issues as the subject matter. Her works have also captured the joys and pains of womanhood as experienced in modern-life-African traditions with their consequences. Peju uses clothing in her art as a literal and metaphorical representation of humans. Pejus’s work is pulsating with energy and can’t be ignored. Here we take a look at some of the most intriguing and amazing artworks by this art alien.

Bluer on the other side

art by Peju Alatise
Bluer on the other side – The problem with migration.


The Rapture of Olurombi’s Daughter

art by Peju Alatise
Rapture of Olurombi’s Daughter

“My presentation of The Rapture of Olurombi’s Daughter is a response to the hypocritical assumptions of what stories the African child should learn with. We as a people have denied ourselves and the world the benefit of our own stories. This self-denial is taught at the earliest state of intellectual maturity to ensure there is an elimination of self-worth. “The Rapture of Olurombi’s Daughter” is a piece which captures the exact moment when she is raptured and all that remains of her is her essence.”

Olurombi is a Yoruba folklore story that has stopped being told and replaced by stories of Cinderella.

art by Peju Alatise
Orange scarf goes to heaven
Peju Alatise
Some have, some have not


Artworks Peju Alatise
The unconscious struggle


peju alatise
Flying girls

“If you find my artist’s statement not acceptable with regards to the standard of the art world do excuse me, I am but an alien addicted to the taste of freedom, who knows not better, tired of pretentious artist’s statements.” ~ Peju, Nigerian artist

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