The Best Suya Spots in Lagos

best suya spots in lagos
Nigerian suya | © Instagram/Foodace

Nigeria’s delicious local dish: Suya, is one of the most cherished delicacies or street foods in Lagos, and is an integral aspect of the country. Makeshift restaurants sell local food, grilled plantain (bole) and roasted yam with savoury hot sauce (special sauce, made with lots of onions, palm oil, peppers and herbs, among other things), fish and more. No street food is as popular as suya. Are you in Lagos, and looking for places to buy some suya? Read on to discover the best suya spots in Lagos, Nigeria.

Glover Court Suya

For over 20 years, Glover Court Suya in Ikoyi (island section of lagos) has provided flame-grilled suya. Commanding a consistency in quality and taste for years that no other spot has managed to topple. No wonder the spot is dubbed ‘The Suya Capital of Lagos.’

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University of Suya

The University of Suya, faculty of meatology is located on Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Arguably one of the mainland’s hottest Suya spots in Lagos.

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Bukka Hut

Bukka Hut is the one-stop centre for anything that is grilled in Lekki phase 1. This place serves suya with a signature taste and best ram Suya, Chicken Suya and an engaging medley of other types of Suya. Their chicken has the reputation of being perfectly boneless.

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bukka hut suya
Chicken suya at the Bukka Hut. © bukkahut/instagram

Eko Hotels Suya Spot

Eko Hotels Suya Spot is located right opposite Eko Hotels and Suites, and has secured a reputation as being one of the most-loved. Dishing out sizzling hot Suya, grills and barbecues served to your taste.

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eko Hotels & Suites suya spot
Night view of the Eko Hotels. © ekohotels/instagram

Barbecue City

Barbecue City is located in Shomolu, Yaba. It is the best Suya spot within the Yaba area.

The Banana Island Patisserie

Located in Banana Island, Ikoyi Lagos. Functions as coffee house setting with an ambiance not commonly found within Lagos. This joint also serves a mean spicy suya.

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