Inspiring Home Decor Ideas from Africa

african home decor ideas
African inspired bedroom accessories | © StyledbyDi

You probably already know that Africa has a very distinctive style and taste in interior décor, inspired by the continent’s geological featuresiconic landscapesnature and wildlife. These decorating ideas and themes associated with Africa home décor will have you reorganizing, redecorating and DIY-ing until your house have a vibe of African home accents. No matter what your style and taste is, these African home and interior design inspirations got you covered.

Living rooms

Use these gorgeous modern living room decor ideas to sprinkle African home accents in your house, inspirational ideas as a starting point for your next decorating project.

African living room decor
Inspiring African living room decor | © Karel Keuler Architects


Bedrooms are the most personal and intimate spaces in your home. African home accessories and items that are both self-expressive and attractive to give your bedrooms decor an upgrade with these tips and tricks.

african home decor ideas
African inspired bedroom accessories | © StyledbyDi

African home decor inspo
African home decor inspo | © thehouseofhomebodies


Are you curious to know which African décor trends dominate the bathrooms? There are numerous inspiring home decor and bathroom accessories to match every style and budget inspired by Africa.

African bathroom inspo
Bathroom home accents | © thehouseofhomebodies

Bathroom home accents | © thehouseofhomebodies


Some African kitchen décor ideas to inspire your next shopping for kitchen accessories to make your cooking spaces unique with safari vibes.

African kitchen decor
African kitchen decor | © Design Joburg

african kitchen inspo
African kitchen decor | © loft_kitchens


Check out some of the ways to add a touch of African inspired style to your home outdoor spaces.

African outdoor inspo
African outdoor decoration inspo | © IKEA