6 Helpful Tips for Shopping in Lagos Markets

Lagos Markets tips
Lekki Market - © shawnleishman/flickr

Shopping in Lagos markets can be tricky especially if you are new in Lagos or have little or no experience in any of the markets. In this post, we are going to give you 6 great tips for shopping in Lagos market successfully.

Make a List

We often times find ourselves regretting a purchase and not being able to take it back, but there is a way to avoid spending more than your budget and that is to make a list of everything your want to buy and carry the exact amount you need. Yes, there are times when the price turns out to be higher than what you bargained for and that brings us to our next tip;

No fixed price

Do not be deceived by the braggy attitude of sellers and them being adamant to stick to their ridiculous price, there is no such thing as a fixed price and there are so many factors that prove just that;

Timing has a major influence on price

You often times find that prices are high and sometimes low, well the time matters, it is best to go when the frustration has reached a maximum, especially when it has been a few hours since open time and not one customer has arrived or when it is almost time to close up and there is a need to get a new loading the next day;

No limited vendor

The no limited vendor factor also influences prices because there is an awareness that once a customer steps away, him/her will most definitely find another vendor with a much relatable price. Now you have found the price that rhymes well with the set price but you really could do with a much lower price but you prefer the new vendor you found;

Slash in half

A lot of people might be scared they would get a beating if they price ridiculously, but not to worry, everyone has a freedom to price in a marketplace, you just might succeed and you might not. Slash the price you get in half and present it to the vendors. One thing to note is that most times, prices are increased 3 times more than the original price which is ridiculous but they will be uncovered.

Everything is never as it seems

Think you found a great price, convinced by their story of how the product came to existence, blown away by their nice but slightly offensive words, moved by their anger towards the price you are offering, moved by their nonchalant attitude when you do not agree with their price? Nothing is as it seems.


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