Tasty Ogbono Soup

ogbono soup recipe aka draw soup
Assorted ogbono soup. © nmas_kitchen/instagram

Learning how to cook Nigerian soups? You can start with this ogbono soup quick and easy step-by-step recipe. It can be your favourite midweek recipe with an easy delicious twist – with assorted meat and fish; goat meat, fish, dried fish, beef, lamb etc. – always blends perfectly with this recipe. Ogbono Soup is also known as Draw Soup, or Ofe Ogbono, in Igbo language.


  • Handful of ogbono seed, grounded
  • Assorted meat and fish
    • ½kg Beef
    • ½kg Goat meat
    • ½kg Shaki
    • ½kg Kpomo
    • ½kg Dried fish
    • ½kg Stockfish
  • 3 cooking spoons palm oil
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 3 Scotch bonnet (any hot pepper of your choice)
  • Oha leaves. *Optional* Could be ugu (pumpkin leaves) or spinach.
  • 2 Seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste
Nigerian Soups: Ogbono soup
Ground ogbono with crayfish and pepper. © kenyenfarms


  1. Properly wash and clean the meat and fish. Put in a cooking pot and seasoning with maggi/knorr, onions, and salt.
  2. While waiting for the meat to cook, heat up some palm oil. Add the ground ogbono into the oil and stir-fry, that will help it dissolve then use a spoon the back specially to turn it, that fasten the process.
  3. Put a pot on The fire make sure it’s on low heat, then pour the ogbono into it add some meat stock or some water and allow it boil for some minutes, you will notice it getting thicker and starts to draw! Then you can add some more stock if you want to loosen the thickness of the draw – allow it cook for another 10 minutes while you monitor and stir to avoid a burnt soup. Then add up your cooked meat and fish. Stir-in the pepper n grounded crayfish. Finally some seasoning and salt to taste. Adjust to taste if necessary.
  4. Cover and allow it all simmer together, but keep an eye to avoid your soup getting burnt.
  5. At this point your soup has taking its shape, now you can put in your oha leaves (optional) then allow it simmer for extra 3 minutes. Put off the heat and your ogbono soup is ready.
  6. Enjoy!

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