The Best Art & Culture Blogs in Accra to Follow

The Best Art and Culture Blogs in Accra
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Art overtime has become a perfect tool on storytelling in capable hands. One can look at a piece and see a story captivating, and holding an essentiality to culture. Here’s Afrogallonism by Serge Attukwei Clottey, and other top African art blogs you need to know about. These amazing blogs with Accra network are known to be promoting African art and culture.

We also recommend our guide to Ogo Elegba (staff for Eshu), of the Yoruba people..


Afrogallonism is an art concept created and authored by the Accra indegene and resident Serge Attukwei Clottey. Afrogallonism is one full of live interactive, illustrative and descriptive art portraying artistic, educational and social areas. Using the famous yellow colour of Ghana, the curator is returning used plastic refuse in the form of beautiful masks and mask-like sculptures that take on haunting human expressions.

Time Out: Accra || Art And Culture in Accra

The Time Out blog which generally renders a wide range of knowledge about African nations portrays varied aspects of Accra’s arts and culture through publications of art events, art spots like galleries to help keep in touch with Accra arts and render a realistic experience of Accra’s art and cultural history, spotlighting individuals who have expressed art in unique ways and also created spaces to retain a connection with arts, publication of books and music and landscape pieces that shine a torch to Accra art and culture.

Sami Bentil Art

This blog is owned by Sami Bentil, it translates the history of Accra through Sami’s experiences using art; detailing the struggle for and acquisition of independence.

Expat by Isa

This blog which sheds light on Africa and the rest of the continent, life in Accra and discovery through Isa’s eyes also discusses Accra arts and craft with reference to food, fabric, clothing, and art centers; all things which show the relevance of Accra art history.

Nzubuke Foundation Blog

This blog shares experience on Accra culture. It promotes visual art, culture and heritage. The blog highlights the physical advantages of the foundation ranging from community projects, workshops, exhibitions on art and culture, and heritage and history.



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