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The 5 Best Bookstores in Accra

Accra, Ghana, has a vibrant literary landscape that has produced some great novelists and poet-critics. The city is home to a few varieties of successful bookstores. We take a look at some of the best bookshops in the city. These bookshops offer an interesting glimpse into the growing spirit of Accra’s literary scene. Offering unique and varied books from small publishers to the literature classics. Here are some of the best bookstores in Accra where you can pick up something great to read.

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SyTris Bookshop

SyTris Bookshop best bookshops in Accra Ghana
SyTris Bookshop, bookstore in Accra, Ghana. © Beryl Forjoe

A literature gem located at GIMPA and Silverbird lifestyle Store which is under the management of SyTris Bookservice. With biographies and varied literatures stocked, SyTris Bookshop offers from different corner of the world. Don’t find what you looking for? This Accra bookstore specialize in finding any book from anywhere in the world. Known for ordering and delivering books or publications for institutions, firms and individuals. They are very welcoming and attentive, nice vibe you get as soon as you open the door!

Address: Next to A&C Mall Jungle Road, Catface St, Accra, Ghana

EPP Books Services

EPP Books Services best bookstores in Ghana
Courtesy of EPP Books Services.

EPP Books Services was founded by Gibrine Adam, incorporated in February 1991 and business started on July 1991. The EPP Book Services is one of Accra’s finest bookstores, with about 8 locations within the city, and locations across Ghana and the West African sub region. They offer a smart curated selection of books ranging from bestselling novels to university education textbooks and children’s books to books on development, etc. Both retailing and wholesaling. A top bookstore with exclusive trade representation for several reputable publishers and accredited distributors for both local and global publishers.

University of Ghana Bookshop

A grand bookshop with wide range of books covering several subject area and arranged accordingly to make your book browsing seamless. Situated in a well air-conditioned auditorium, affordable books and small snack shop. There is also different categories of stationery for diverse purposes.

Address: Next to Balme Library, PMB LG1, Legon, Accra

Vidya Bookstore

Vidya Bookstore best bookstores in Accra Ghana
Literature classics at Vidya Bookstore, Accra, Ghana. © Afya Kiss

Located on the 18th Lane Oxford Street adjacent the Ivory Coast Embassy, Vidya Bookstore offer a wide range of books from action , adventure , romance , fiction, etc. This bookstore focuses on the joy of reading, hence, you get prompt delivery on orders placed for books you can’t find. Great place. Good customer service.


Methodist Book Depot 

Methodist Book Depot bookstores in Accra Ghana
Methodist Book Depot, bookstore in Accra, Ghana. © Kelvin Fosu

Methodist Book Depot publishes Christian and academic subjects. Also bookselling of both local and foreign publishers, stationery and church requisites. For all of those who are fascinated by the religion, the bookstore provides good Christian materials to help them to know the Creator and formation of spirituality. A serene bookshop you can always visit anytime you are in Accra.

Address: Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra, Ghana


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