Top Tens: 10 Must-Have Essential Bathroom Accessories

Frameless Bathroom Mirror
Reflection Beveled Frameless Wall Mirror | © Wayfair

Bathrooms have a deep connection with our homes, and is probably the easiest and least expensive room to refresh and update. Being heavily used by both family and guests, it requires a little bit of time and attention and updating with everyday functional essentials and accessories that every bathroom needs. Planning to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat or just looking for a quick update? Get inspired by our best bathroom ideas that will spice up your washroom and double as décor.

Towel Set

bathroom Cotton Towel Set
Cotton Towel Set | © H&M

Simplest way to refresh the bathroom is new towels. Get this cotton towel set here. 

Shower Curtain 

Pattern Shower Curtain
Bremond Geometric Single Shower Curtain | © Wayfair

Stylish shower curtain is an easy way to liven up your bathroom. Get this shower curtain here.

Hand Towel

Jacquard-weave Hand Towel
Jacquard-weave Hand Towel | © H&M

Furnish your bathroom with decorative hand towels, they come in every style and budget. Get them here.

Shower Mat 

Bamboo Bathroom Floor Mat
Bamboo Bathroom Floor Mat | © Amazon

Add a sense of nature into your bathroom with this waterproof bamboo bath and shower mat.


Scented Candle in Glass Holder
Scented Olive & Sage Candle in Glass Holder | © H&M

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom by adding a few of your favourite candles – doubles as décor and sets the perfect ambiance for a relaxing bath.

Wall Mirror

Frameless Bathroom Mirror
Reflection Beveled Frameless Wall Mirror | © Wayfair

Add some flair to your bathroom with a minimalist full mirror that visually enlarges the space. Get this stunning frameless wall mirror here.

Room Freshener

Rose Room Freshener
Mrs. Meyer’s Rose Room Freshener | © Mrs. Meyer’s

Washroom space is the hottest commodity around, keep it fresh and rosy. Get this here.

Toilet Paper Holder

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder
Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder | © Wayfair

Tip: Get a holder that doubles as a magazine rack. Get it here

Toilet Brush 

Toilet Brush Set
Free Standing Toilet Brush Set | © Wayfair

The legend of easy bathroom upkeep. Get this free-standing toilet brush set here. 

Trash Can 

Stylish Bathroom Trash
Umbra Skinny Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Trash | © Amazon

Every bathroom needs a trash can, it makes all the difference when it comes to bathroom cleanliness.

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