10 Unique Top Things to Do in Gaborone

The Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention Resort, Gaborone, Botswana. © Phil Mill

Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana, a tranquil destination that many people dream of visiting. Well known for its game reserve and amazing wildlife, and in the city centre hub for art and cultural artifacts displays. But this city has much more to offer. Whether you fancy hiking the footpaths to the summit of Kgale Hill that offers city views. Or maybe prefer to visit the wildlife, Gaborone has packed itinerary awaiting tourists. Here is a list of some of the best ways to take pulse of the nation and make the most of your time there.

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National Museum & Art Gallery

Gaborone effortlessly combine traditional and contemporary Batswana culture, it also brings together the arts and sciences in a wide range of fascinating cultural complex. If you really want to learn about Bastwana culture, art and history, we know just the place to visit. The Botswana National Museum (National Museum & Art Gallery centre), consisting of the National Museum and Art Gallery, as well as the National Botanical Garden. Some of the best artifacts in Bostwana can be found here. Make this place one stop on your itinerary that will leave you with a knowledge of the country a bit better than the average tourist.

Caffe Fego

Caffe Fego Top Things to Do in Gaborone Botswana
Image courtesy of Fego Caffe

Strategically located in the business district of the bustling city high street, Caffe Fego provides their signature diverse menu to the locals and tourists. Whether you’re looking for your next caffeine high or to stuff your belly, then here is the place to visit. From classic native delicacies to global cuisine. Wholesome bakeries and pastry favourites such as cakes, biscuits, and breads. Welcoming and warm atmosphere, every moment is a magic here for the foodies. In addition, the cafe offers stunning view of the area. 

Address: 4th Commercial, Gaborone, Botswana 

Exclusive Books

South African bookstore chain Exclusive Books has established presence in Gaborone with its outlet. With vast collection of books and excellent sections focused on Africa, this bookstore is a shared cultural touchpoint that you’ll love. Easily Gaborone’s best bookshop.

Caravela Portuguese Restaurant

Caravela Portuguese Restaurant Things to Do in Gaborone Botswana
Fine dining at Caravela Portuguese Restaurant. © Christopher Marrian

The Caravela Portuguese Restaurant is a little hidden gem that exceeds all expectations. Authentic Portuguese cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood. Varied menu including beef, lamb, chicken, ribs and vegetarian options. Delicious Portuguese food in the heart of Africa feeding you till you’re full. Variety of starters, main courses and have a good selection of dessert choices. Foodies can always be found here loading up with goodies that fill the stomach, warm the soul and get them ready to take on the city. The price might be on the high side compared to other places but every bite here is worth every dime 

Address: Mokgosi, Gaborone, Botswana

Gaborone Game Reserve

Gaborone Game Reserve Top things to Do in Botswana
Entrance of the Gaborone Game Reserve, Botswana. © Ruthu Holdings

Gaborone Game Reserve wildlife reserve in Botswana, and is situated inside the city of Gaborone, the nation’s capital. There are various accommodation within the parameter for you to choose from. Easy for guests to access the reserve from any location within the city of Gaborone. Enjoy regular sights of the birdlife including African crake, hornbill, European bee eaters, kingfishers, snake eagle, sand pipers, and many other birds that migrating to the reserve from the nearby Limpopo river swamp. This game reserve includes observation hides and picnic areas, take your pick.

Three Dikgosi Monument