5 Lifestyle Bloggers from Nigeria To Follow

5 Lifestyle Bloggers from Nigeria To Follow
Dimma Umeh at Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. © Dimma Umeh

So many talented lifestyle bloggers have come out of Nigeria. If you’re looking for some lifestyle inspiration, or want to learn about current trends and local insights in Nigeria and in general. Each with their own style and story to tell, these fabulous Nigerian bloggers are definitely worth putting on your watch list. Make sure to check out the following awesome lifestyle blogs from Nigeria.

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Gingerlie – Modupe Sowunmi

Modupe Sowunmi is a Nigerian blogger living in Abuja, Nigeria, she’s behind the lifestyle blog Gingerlie.com. She started blogging around 2015, and has worked brands including Travelstart, Event HQ, Virtue Clothiers, GTBank and Transcorp. With her exemplary lifestyle, she’s creating inspiring useful contents to encourage youths to live purposefully.

Blog: https://gingerlie.com/ Instagram: @gingerlielifestyle

Damie’s Diary – Damie Alabi

Damie Alabi aka The Owambe Queen is a lifestyle blogger with focus on Nigerian parties, planning, dressing up and all the glamour about it. Get to know and explore the beautiful world of Owanbe with her. Owambe is a lavish party thrown by Nigerians which is usually characterized by a show of luxury, lavish spending, colour and extravaganza. As well as lots of food, music and dance. This kind of party is peculiar to Western Nigeria of the Yoruba culture.

Instagram: @damiesdiary Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/damiealabi/

Dimma Umeh

5 Lifestyle Bloggers from Nigeria To Follow
Dimma Umeh at Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. © Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh aka That IGBO Chick is a Nigerian blogger and Youtuber with a platform publishing rich contents on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The platform allows users to discover new beauty and makeup trends, and then purchase them online. Dimma lives in Nigeria, she’s already garnered legions of followers that she shares beauty tips, travel and lifestyle insights with. Inspiring you to pursue the things that you are the most passionate about.

Blog: http://www.dimmaumeh.com/ Instagram: @dimmaumeh

Cassie Daves – Cassandra Ikegbune

Cassie Daves top bloggers from nigeria
Cassandra Ikegbune| Courtesy of Cassie Daves

Nigerian fashion enthusiast Cassandra Ikegbune started blogging to share her outfits, musings, poetry, lifestyle, modelling tidbits and medical school journey. Since then, she has amassed an impressive number of followers due to her exemplary sense of uniqueness. She has worked with renowned brands like Jumia, and Infinix Nigeria. Cassie Daves content heavily revolves around fashion, the blog also features other lifestyle topics – connecting and inspiring people to live their best life. The Cassie Daves blog is definitely a good read and a great way to pass time.

Blog: http://www.cassiedaves.com/ Instagram: @cassiedaves

Sisi Yemmie – Yemisi Odusanya

Nigerian content creator Yemisi Odusanya started blogging to create a platform for Nigerian food and lifestyle. The blog publishes many other articles that acknowledge and report on topics relating to motherhood, relationships and beauty. Yemisi is an award-winning blogger and Youtuber with a BSc Mass Communication from Igbinedion University Nigeria, MA in International Diplomacy from the University of Birmingham, UK and a diploma in Internal Communications, PR Academy, London.

Blog: http://www.sisiyemmie.com/ Instagram: @sisi_yemmie


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