5 Must Visit Attractions in Niamey

Must-Visit Attractions in Niamey, Niger
View of the city and the Niger River from Hotel Gaweye. © Yusuf taş

Niamey is the capital and largest city of Niger – it is one of the urban agglomerations in Africa. Niamey lies on the Niger River, and its packed with finest architectures and cultures. From modern buildings to cultural hotspots for visitors to fall in love with. This is the city to admire unspoiled natural landscapes, and heritage adventure-filled destinations. Here are Niamey’s must visit attractions for your exploration!

Musée National Boubou Hama

Must Visit Attractions in Niamey: Niger National Museum
Museum in Niamey, Niger. © Abdoulaye NDAO

When visiting Niamey, the Niger National Museum allows visitors to learn of the Nigerian culture. The museum consists of a cultural and a scientific section and a zoo. Visiting is a fun way to better understand the ancient Nigerian traditions and cultural artefacts.

View of The Niger River

Must-Visit Attractions in Niamey: the Niger River
Niamey view of the Niger River. © Moïse Kpetere

Be charmed by the Niger River views, an experience to be bragged about in this magical gift of nature. The riverfront stuns with city its magnificence, a natural landmark you could easily spend a couple of days exploring.

Grand Mosque of Niamey

Must Visit Attractions in Niamey: Grand Mosque of Niamey
Mosque in Niamey, Niger. © Mücahit Gedikli

As Niger’s capital and largest city, it is no surprise that Niamey hosts the largest mosque in the country, the Grand Mosque of Niamey. More than 90% of Niger population is Muslim. A spiritual learning and guidance centre for the local communities and tourists. Add this gorgeous mosque to your must visit list when in Niamey, Niger.

Tree of Ténéré

A natural landmark on the routes through the Ténéré region of the Sahara Desert. Considered the most isolated tree on Earth, the Ténéré Tree was a solitary acacia. The tree was moved to the Musée National Boubou Hama in 1973, after the tree was knocked down by a drunk truck driver.

Niamey Grand Marche

things to do in niamey: niamey grand marche
Niamey Grand Market, Niger. © PUNIT KHURANA

You can find everything with best price here, from a pin to a heavy duty vehicles. , you will all find here. Niamey Grand Market is the largest market and shopping center in Niamey. There is a lot of bargain, buy wisely. You could spend days at this market and never see everything it has to offer. It is truly beautiful for a tourist!


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