6 Top-Rated Resorts in The Gambia

Best Resorts in Gambia
Coco Ocean Resort & Spa by looking onto Bijilo Beach | © Coco Ocean Resort & Spa

Whether you live in Gambia or you’re just visiting for a couple of days, there are enough magnificent resorts for you. Strategically located to allow visitors experience the expansive coastline of the nation. Prime African destination encompassing golden beaches, scenic waters and swaying palm trees are certainly stunning. Here’s our guide to the best and top-rated resorts in The Gambia.

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Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort

There’s no missing out on nature’s charm and experience when staying in the Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort. A resort built to facilitate tourists’ efforts in experiencing Gambia’s natural beauty. Features various spacious and comfortable rooms and premium sites. Situated in the very heart of Cape Point-Bakau, Gambia’s finest Beach District. Unique concept of nature inspires the resort’s architecture, interior, and services. Visitors are treated to panoramic sunsets with the backdrop of the magnificent River Gambia and the Atlantic Ocean.

Address: Bakau, The Gambia

Kololi Beach Resort

each hotel resort best Resorts in Gambia
Beach hotel resort in Gambia. © Eduard de Boer

Kololi Beach Resort is classified as a premier resort in Gambia providing outstanding holiday experience to tourists. Well-designed resort encompasses stunning villas and penthouse apartments with modern features; outdoor pool, plunge pool and restaurant. Offering option of selfcatering or eating in the restaurant, spacious resort for a family. Beyond the layout, you’ll be impressed with the management and staff. Here is where to be for those wanting to get away from the hubbub.

Address: Kololi Beach Resort, Serrekunda, The Gambia

The Kairaba Beach Hotel

Nestled strategically on the magnificent golden beach of Kololi, this luxurious resort/hotel offers a unique ambiance of relaxation and tranquillity. An idyllic coastline hotel where visitors can rest and unwind in complete comfort. The magnificent Kairaba Hotel with guaranteed breathtaking views and the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful natural landscaped gardens. The resort offers a distinctive experience for tourists to dwell on the countryside and be charmed away by the local lifestyle.

Address: Serre Kunda, Kololi Pmb PMB 390, Gambia

Laico Atlantic Hotel

Staying at the Laicos Atlantic Hotel is luxury in the simplest of ways. A hotel with the attachment to the beach. Situated in Banjul, only few minutes walk from the city centre. Visitors can enjoy the on-site restaurant offering local and international cuisines. This resort is 24 km from the Gambia International Airport.

Address: Marina Parade, Banjul, Gambia

Coco Ocean Resort & Spa

Best Resorts in Gambia
Coastline resort and spa in Gambia. © Coco Ocean Resort & Spa

Beautifully situated beneath the Kuoni trees and blooming hydrangea flowers, the Coco Ocean Resort is art of nature and architecture. The iconic domes of this boutique-style property make tourists feel like a royalty. Excellent getaway for tourists who crave tranquillity and privacy after exploring Gambia’s busy hubs and clubs. Bask in the well-manicured lush gardens that complements beautiful golden sandy beach and the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean. An undeniable superb Gambia experience and the Coco oceantruly memorable. Perfect for honeymoon or couple’s holiday destination.

Address: One Bamboo Drive, Kombo Coastal Road, Serrekunda, Gambia

Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex

Best hotels and Resorts in Gambia
Junta Kinteh beach bar and resort in Gambia. © Caroline Jonker

The Kunta Kinteh Beach Bar will help electrify your escape in Gambia. Featuring stylish getaway bungalows echoing the picturesque of the area. Offering excellent services to our guests, their rooms and restaurant are very affordable. This beach bar is alive around the clock, with entertainment every night by the beach side. The atmosphere is amazing and all the staff are truly friendly and helpful.

Address: Bertil Harding Hwy, Serrekunda, The Gambia