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A Brief Guide to Pointe-Denis Beach

With many of all Gabonese living in the coast city, Libreville, there is no surprise that the city’s beach is among some of the best in Africa. Located in the seaside resort of the Atlantic Ocean lies Gabon’s best beach. The picture-perfect sanctuary of Pointe-Denis Beach. White sandy beach with pristine landscape. Take a quick boat ride from the nation’s capital and escape to the beach-centric resort for some quality beach time. From live animation people to soccer games, there’s enough hang-out outdoor activities for beach lovers and sun worshippers alike. Pointe-Denis Beach is the perfect getaway from the Libreville fast-paced lifestyle. A tropical paradise for both locals and tourists!

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The Pointe-Denis Beach

This is a lovely beach in your reach when you visit Libreville, Gabon. Take a short boat trip the capital city, and you’ll find yourself in a white-sand beach and a very relaxing atmosphere. The trees with blue sea and yellow sand, a therapeutic view. Dress like a local or tourist, it doesn’t matter. Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Being here offers a great opportunity to try local styles and customs.

When to visit

Libreville just like all of Gabon has an equatorial climate and is warm year-round. So anytime is really a popular time to visit. However, June to mid-September would be best time to visit due to less rainfall. The rest of the months tend to have high rainfall.

What to eat

Pointe-Denis Beach best beach in Libreville Gabon
Seafood at the Pointe-Denis Beach, Gabon. © TripAdvisor

From global cuisines to local versions, your what to eat options are substantial. Smart restaurants offering all types of seafood choices and grilled meats. Fantastic drinks, fruits and desserts. With Gabon’s warm weather, means open-air seating is possible all year round. The food is always excellent and the service superb!

What to do

Weekends are quite busy compared to weekdays. But come weekend, expect football/soccer games on the beach. Music, live animation people showcasing the street culture. The water is clear, so don’t be shy to take a swim. Try a beach sport, get a tan or wander miles of the beach, peacefully. A great alternative and perfect escape of the hustle and bustle of Libreville. Explore the airy Atlantic Ocean shore!

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