A Guide to Sun City, The Palace of the Lost City

A Guide to Sun City, The Palace of the Lost City
The entrance to The Palace of the Lost City courtyard. © WATG/Flickr

If you have not seen the movie ‘Blended’, you absolutely need to! What’s the relevance you might ask? Large parts of this movie was filmed in The Palace Of The Lost City, and trust me when I say that apart from the hilarious scenes in the movie itself, this location will keep you glued to the screen. This place is literally mind blowing, a perfect holiday destination for friends and family, a romantic place for lovers, you name it, this five star luxury hotel located in South Africa will make you wish you never have to leave. In this post, we bring you everything that you need to know about this beautiful palace, and more. So get prepared and brace yourself, as we take you through this surreal destination.

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An idea that was birthed in 1989 when they wanted to make the lost city and the jungle a magical icon in the Sun City became a full reality in 1992. From that period till this moment, the palace has received numerous visitors from all over the world. It was inspired by an ancient myth of an African kingdom that was lost to the jungle surrounding it. Encircled by mountains and a game reserve in its front, the architectural and interior themes of the hotel portray the full essence of various African tribes. Monuments like faux elephant’s tusks, sculptured bronze, exquisite mosaics illustrations, stone carvings and hand painted ceilings are things that welcome you into the palace. The gardens have sparkling streams and waterfalls that look like something out of a movie.

A Guide to Sun City Resort, The Palace of the Lost City
The Palace of the Lost City © 2014 Sun International

The hotel houses about 338 luxurious suites with everything designed to give its guests a great and relaxing time; a mini bar, television, coffee maker, Wi-Fi, sparkling bathrooms and every other thing you can think of are all present to make you feel at home.

The Palace Of The Lost City boasts of quite a number of things, some of which the say has never been seen in the whole of Africa. For instance, the rainforest and jungle which were completed in two years by a team of dedicated gardeners who put in so much work to feature over 3,200 species of plants, shrubs and trees. Two major things that catch the fancy of the guests that patronize the palace are the valley of waves and the maze. The valley of the waves is a massive water park of swimming pools, waterfalls, streams, tube rides and slides. So you can be rest assured that the little ones are absolutely going to love this place! Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits. The second feature is The Maze.

The maze was designed to look like a semi-ruined Mayan stone maze in preserving the theme of theme of the lost city and the valley of the waves. The maze can only be reached by a 90 meter suspension bridge which has been carefully engineered for absolute safety. This feature is there to give you that thrill of trying something till you actually get it. It might get confusing at first, but slowly you’ll get a hang of it. After such a tasking exercise, the maze bar is there to offer you some of the best refreshments to get you back in the game, so there’s nothing to worry about.

A Guide to Sun City Resort, The Palace of the Lost City
A view of the Palace of the Lost City Courtyard and Shawu the elephant. © WATG/Flickr

Newlyweds? You have got the perfect spot for your honeymoon as the palace of the lost city offers you the honeymoon package where guests can enjoy a 2, 3, 4, or a 5 night stay in a luxurious accommodation, VIP treatment and their very own honeymoon turndown service. You are definitely in for a good time. No doubt Sun City Resort is one of the best Hotels in South Africa.

Personally, we feel that a single post is not enough to exhaust all that this place does and stands for, but we do hope that we have been able to bring you a great and tangible amount of information about this wonderful place.


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