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Africa’s Culinary Destinations

Africa’s Culinary Destinations: For lovers of good food and wines, discover new sensations and new tastes; for those who like to be surprised and discover the unique and authentic foodie experiences in the best travel destinations for food lovers in Africa. Join in the wine tasting in Constantia Valley, try the local cuisine in Accra but also culinary innovations in Johannesburg, Lagos, Marrakesh, Kampala, Nairobi and Praslin. You will love the wines of Cape Town when visiting South Africa and Algeria but also delicious jollof rice in Nigeria and Ghana.

Accra, Ghana

Skylines, wines and cocktails.

Constantia Valley, South Africa

Local speciality: South African wine.

Praslin, Seychelles

Assorted seafood and tropical fruits.

Bamenda, Cameroon

Local speciality: Cameroonian cuisine.

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Le Ndolé, plat emblématique camerounais; accompagné de bananes plantains frites et miondos ( pâte manioc cuite à l’étouffée) ?? _______ Voici une des autres activités que j’adore pratiquer : j’ai nommé la cuisine. Sauf que comme je l’ai toujours dit je suis nulle en présentation! J’ai donc décidé de me challenger et y remédier à force de pratiquer plus de présentations. Vous n’imaginez pas tout le travail derrière ce plat ? et le remuage de méninge derrière cette présentation, l’angle de prise de vue and co Minceuuuh !!! Je félicite vraiment nos grand-mères, mamans et tantes hein ?. Quel est le plat emblématique de chez vous ? _______ In case you didn’t know cooking is one of my favorite hobbies but unfortunately I’m lame at dressing plates? so I decided to challenge myself and practice dressing plates in order to get better at it. You can’t even imagine the amount of work to cook and dress this plate. Damnnn!! Congrats are in order for our grand-mas, mamas and aunts though ?. What is the symbolic plate you eat in your country ?

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Cape Coast, Ghana

Local specialitybanku and tilapia.

Lagos, Nigeria

The capital of jollof rice, and culinary innovations.

Cape Town, South Africa

Finest traditional South African braai and beer.

Abuja, Nigeria

Savour a soft ice cream in Nigeria’s capital.



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