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Ankara Fabric, Styling the Ankara Dungarees

African fabrics has gained so much attention in the fashion world lately both within Africa as well as beyond. We’ve been able to see various glamorous and stylish designs of which they’re being made into which are extremely eye-catching. We find African prints being designed into crop-tops, jumpsuits, jackets, kimonos, shorts and many other trendy looks which always seems to call out the attention of by standers. Styling the African prints has seemed to take a new turn as lots of fearless African fashion trendsetters have now started styling their prints into dungarees.

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The dungarees which consists of trousers with a bib held up by straps used to be a 90s fashion trend which mostly comes in denim. Now, it has been adapted into one of the ways at which African inspired fabrics and prints can be styled.

Chica Styling Dungarees (women)

When styling dungarees for a sporty look, we suggest you best go for a bold and colorful print which is best styled by having the pants a little bit above the ankle. You can then go for a white T-shirt which can either be plain or with a few texts on it and then knock it off with a white pair of sneakers. We suggested going for a colorful print because the more colorful the print is, the more bold the style comes out.

Styling Dungarees (men)

Styling the Ankara Dungarees
Men ankara dungarees

For men, the dungarees are best styled by also having the pants above the ankle as well just like that of the sporty chic, but one of the bibs should be left unbuttoned for a killer stylish appearance. It can be knocked of a pair of white sneakers and face cap or hat for the finish. African inspired dungarees can also be styled for classy ladies by having the pants styled like that of a flare pants which opens more breathing space to the legs. This look can be fired up with a pair of heels and a touch of light jewelries which mustn’t be too much. Styling the African inspired dungarees are best for the bold and daring fashionista and not for the fainthearted ones.


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