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Best 10 Songs That Defined Afro Dance

Many afro dances are treasured around the world. However, there are a few dances you may be surprised to learn where they come from. The beauty of afro dance goes way beyond what meets the eye: it’s an integral part of afrobeats culture and social life from all over the continent.

These afrobeats classics defined the global afro dance scene and propelled the afrobeats to the world movement to mainstream media. From DJ Bongz’s Gwara Gwara (South Africa), to Fuse ODG’s Azonto (Ghana), Zlatan’s Zanku (Legwork), to Shoki by Lil Kesh, Davido and Olamide (Nigeria), these classics will make you feel nostalgic! These songs birthed various African dance styles and moves that helped African music’s popularity and relevance over the years.

Watch and get inspired to do the African dance moves next time you’re invited to the party!

List of Popular African Dance Styles – Best of Afro Dance:

  • Azonto (Ghana)
  • Bela (Angola)
  • Chokobodi (Ghana)
  • Dingi dingi (Uganda)
  • Etighi (Nigeria)
  • Fimbu (Congo)
  • Focus Dance (Nigeria)
  • Gwara Gwara (South Africa)
  • Gweta (Togo)
  • Happy feet / butterfly (Nigeria)
  • Hlokoloza (South Africa)
  • Idibala (South Africa)
  • Jazze (Gabon)
  • Kpakujmjemu (Nigeria)
  • Legwork (Nigeria)
  • Maplory (Cote d’Ivoire)
  • Network (Ghana)
  • Odi (Kenya)
  • Poco Dance (Nigeria)
  • Questions (Nigeria)
  • Runyege (Uganda)
  • Sekem (Nigeria)
  • Shaku Shaku (Nigeria)
  • Telli (Ghana)
  • Umbre (Nigeria)
  • Vosho (South Africa)
  • Wango (Senegal)
  • X-it (Nigeria)
  • Yahoozee (Nigeria)
  • Zanku (Nigeria)

What is your favourite afro dance? Let us know in the comments!

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