Easter dinner recipes

Easter dinner ideas by Dream Africa

Make this Easter dinner the best yet with the perfect recipes for Easter dinner that everyone will love. A new favourite Easter food ideas you must try! 

Grilled whole chicken

homemade grilled whole chicken
Grilled whole chicken at home

A classic recipe for whole roast chicken. This homemade roast chicken is perfect dinner dish to any holidays and are absolute comfort food! Make this whole roast chicken for Christmas Dinner or Easter Dinner. View full recipe details 

Beef lasagna 

easy beef lasagna recipe
Savoury beef meat lasagna recipe

This beef lasagna is an easy dinner recipe for your Thanskgiving, Christmas or Easter dinner. View full recipe details 

Grilled fish with fried plantains 

grilled fish with fried plantain recipe
Grilled fish paired with fried plantains and pepper sauce | Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Grilling a tilapia or snapper fish is so easy! Seasoned with minced ginger and garlic herbs and paired with fried plantains, it’s the perfect classic Easter dinner recipe. View full recipe details 

Red red 

Ghanaian Red Red Recipe
Beans stew with fried plantain. © akitchenfaraway

The ultimate comforting main, this delicious Ghanaian recipe combines a rich beans stew with fried plantain. View full recipe details 

Garlic herb pork chops 

garlic pork chops recipe
Seared garlic herb pork chops recipe

A perfect seared chops recipe that doubles as a fun idea for a Easter dinner or dinner date. View full recipe details 

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easter recipe ideas

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