Foods in South Africa: 5 Food Experiences in Johannesburg

Food Experiences in Johannesburg
Open-air weekend market in Johannesburg, South Africa | © Fourways Farmers Market

Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city can be experienced in many ways. Perhaps the two things it’s most famous for are its vibrant art and food scenes. You could spend a lifetime eating and still not taste everything that makes foods in South Africa special. Whether enjoying some authentic braai by the barbecue or tasting wines in one of the city’s countless restaurants, you will have a delicious time in Jozi. Before you head to Johannesburg, here is a list of 5 food experiences to set you off on the right path on your next trip.

Sample fresh seafood

Ocean Basket Melrose Arch
Ocean Basket Melrose Arch, seafood restaurant in Johannesburg | Photo: Courtesy of Ocean Basket

For the best seafood experience, hopping between seafood bars and restaurants is the way to go when it comes to sampling the Jozi’s finest crabs, lobsters, oysters and scallops. Johannesburg doesn’t miss out on the joys of seafood. There’s a wide selection of modern bars and restaurants with a cheerful vibe, serving up seafood, sushi and sharing platters. A gastronomic daydream for seafood lovers!

A wine tasting tour in Johannesburg

wine tasting Johannesburg
Photo: Courtesy of The Sommeliers Selection

Taking a wine tour in Jo’burg is something to indulge whenever in the city – wineries and restaurants’ wine menu treat holidaymakers to a wide selection of award-winning wines. An experience that will grow your appreciation of SA wines, because South African winemakers put exceptional care and effort into producing great wines.

Indulge in a Bunnny Chow

SA bunny chow recipe
Bunny Chow is a popular traditional South African food | © Keenanblake/Instagram

Originated in the Durban Indian community, Bunnny Chow is one of the most classic traditional South African dishes and you can’t visit Johannesburg without trying a this hollow-bread filled with spicy curry gravy that soaks into the bread. Gravy comes in lamb, beef chicken, mince or vegetables. Nowadays, it’s considered one of the country’s most popular street foods. View full bunny chow recipe details 

Browse Fourways Farmers Market

Food Experiences in Johannesburg
Open-air weekend market in Johannesburg, South Africa | © Fourways Farmers Market

Johannesburg is renowned for its weekend market culture, and there’s no better place to sample the full range of delicacies than at the Fourways Farmers Market. Although this is not the only weekend market in the city, it is one of the most popular among locals and tourists, where flavours are true to tradition. From live bands to gourmet foods stalls, offering everything from paella to tacos, from Indian to braai. A day on the market is likely to be one of the most enjoyable food experiences you’ll have in Johannesburg, South Africa. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 8-5 in the beautiful Modderfontein Reserve.

Put down a pint of local craft beer at Hell’s Kitchen

Hells Kitchen Jozi
Photo: Courtesy of Hell’s Kitchen

Craft beer culture is always alive in the largest city in South Africa. Bars, breweries, pubs, restaurants — all of them serving quality craft beer brewed on home ground. Shun the commercial lager variety, and check out the huge selection of local craft beers on tap at Hell’s Kitchen, as well as their excellent food menu. Always a heavenly experience in Hell’s Kitchen. 

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