Libya: Street Murals In Tripoli & Other Libyan Cities

street murals

Tripoli is the capital, largest city, principal harbour and biggest commercial and manufacturing centre of Libya. Tripoli is located in the north-west of Libya and is situated on the Mediterranean Sea.

Creative flair of Street Murals. Known for its freedom of arts, the streets of Tripoli are painted with colourful street murals on that tells powerful messages. Tripoli’s street murals are in a class of its own; and these bold artistic expressions contribute significantly to Libya’s political history. During the revolution that led to the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, many locals used art as a political tool to illustrate the young martyrs of the time.

For non-speaking/reading Arabic visitors, you’ll be needing a local guide if you want to comprehend as most of the murals contain text written in Arabic.

Here’s Libyan smart street art telling stories in pictures. Inspirational and full of feeling

In Arabic, it says “We were tortured so we won’t torture. A revolution for the rights, we will not accept torture” (Photo credit: Khaled Alkwafi/OMCT)


libya murals

tripoli murals

street murals tripoli

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