The 5 Best Nightclubs in Nairobi

The 5 Best Nightclubs in Nairobi
Invitingly atmosphere in B-Club. © Villa E

Kenya is known to be one of the most beautiful nations on the African continent with it’s wonderful green parks and paradise like wildlife. It’s beautiful and serene ambiance is always calling the attention of tourists who value the beauty of green lands and nature in general. But we’ve come to notice that most tourists never really pay much attention to Kenya’s nightlife culture which can be very fun and entertaining. Here are 5 of the best nightclubs in Nairobi, a few places that are more than worth visiting to experience nightlife in Kenya.

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K1 Klub House

This club is located in Nairobi and offers the best services in hospitality as well as delivering a fun-filled night life experience to visitors. It is one of the top rated bars and hangout spots in Nairobi. A visit to the city is never complete without making a stop to the K1 Klub House. The club which has a collection of great booze and wine is decorated with dreamy themed lights which gets even more beautiful. On Tuesday nights when they have the Jazz night events. And Thursday night during their Reggae events which various vibrating songs are played all through the night. Tourists also get to enjoy live band music on Saturdays while digging through good food and drinks in a very serene environment. More than just a nightclub, you could grab quick lunch with them and locally brewed coffee.

Address: 06 Chiromo Ln, Nairobi, Kenya

Shakatak Disco Club

Shakatak Disco Nairobi
Shakatak Disco Club – © @kummernis/instagram

Shakatak Disco Club is one of the most visited disco clubs in Kenya which is located at Diani beach road. The club which is frequented but various nightlife enthusiasts throws pumped up parties every night with the aid of a very competent disco DJ who always seems to set each night on fire with the best collection of music. The dance floor is always lit with enough disco lights and it is very spacious for each clubbers to dance along to every tune the DJ plays and each person has the opportunity to unleash the fire burning within them through the energetic songs being played. The club serves the best drinks from wine, cognac, champagne, booze amongst others as well as a quick snack or food for those dropping in from work.

Tribeka Lounge

Tribeka Lounge Nairobi
Performers at Tribeka Lounge – © @kashgrindhauz/instagram

Tribeka lounge is one of the most visited nightclubs in Nairobi and this can be seen through the amount of crowd that hangout here every night. The club which has a very good ambience serves the best food for those dropping in from work and they also have the best drinks visitors may want or crave. Their great music and service style has gotten the tag “Passport to Nairobi’s Nightlife”. The club is very spacious and has several sets of comfortable furniture both on the VIP section and the general lounge. Tribeka lounge is the best choice for most nightlife enthusiasts and it is also the best choice for private parties, corporate events and so much more.


The 5 Best Nightclubs in Nairobi
Invitingly atmosphere in B-Club. © Villa E

B-Club Nairobi is the most classy, well organized and over the top nightclub in Nairobi where extreme style meets entertainment. It is very spacious, well organized with the most relaxing and comfortable couches and furniture where various urban nightlife lovers come out every night to unwind and have a great time. B-club is visited by the most stylish and elegant laid back individuals both local and expatriates with high taste of luxurious fashion and style. The music is extremely good and gets visitors lost in time while they dance away the night in style. The very best of food and drinks are exquisitely served to each customer by well trained staffs and this is one of the reasons why most people prefer spending the night at b-club. The club runs 7 days a week with different shows and performance by different foreign and local music artists and entertainers.

Address: Galana Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Nairobi
Black Diamond’s balcony bar. Photo credit: George Riach/hungryexpat

The Black Diamond is one of the visited and most importantly classy nightlife hotspots in Nairobi which is always crowded by locals and expatriates who have one goal in common and that is to have some good drinks, enjoy the company of some new people and dance away all through the night. It is one of those places where night crawlers can visit every night and be rest assured that there’s going to be one thing or the other waiting to get them entertained. The club serves the best drinks and best food for those visiting each night and it is always fun every single night out there. Black diamond has proven to be the best place to burn down the week’s calories and have a night time of complete fun and entertainment.

Address: 1st Floor, Bishan Plaza, Westlands, Mpaka Rd, Nairobi, Kenya