The Best Bookstores in Kampala

Best Bookstores in Kampala
The Bookpoint bookstore in Kampala, Uganda | Photo: Courtesy of Ariho Kamara / @arihokamara

Kampala is home to some of Uganda’s finest bookstores. In this article, we trace Kampala’s very best bookstores offerings space for the book lovers to various genres. The city has a passion for reading, come with us and discover the best bookstores in Kampala, Uganda.

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Uganda Bookshop

The Uganda Bookshop is the oldest bookshop in Uganda. The bookstore curates the best local and imported books, ranging from classics to the newly-published as well as maps and magazines. They’ve been known to support local authors and publishers and has a wide selection of books written by Ugandans. Been in operation since 1927 and till this day, it continues to serve its customers.

Address: Plot 4, Colville Street, Ebenezer House, Kampala, Uganda


Gustro Book Exhibition 2018 | © Gustro Limited

The Gustro is one of the leading bookstores in Kampala as well as book distribution in Uganda. A creative answer to a real need for more quality books circulating in Uganda. Offering an impressive collection of curated vintage classics at competitive prices for both wholesale and retail options. The selection of medical and business books is vast.

Address: 355 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Paulines Book

The Paulines Book is your one stop book shopping centre in Uganda’s capital city. Offers a massive collection, everything from classic fiction to academic tomes. Visit the book shop to access various books from your favourite authors around the world.

Address: Plot 57 Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda


Best Bookstores in Kampala
The Bookpoint bookstore in Kampala, Uganda | Photo: Courtesy of Ariho Kamara / @arihokamara

This organised bookstore in Kampala aims to create the perfect reading experience for book lovers. This is one of the best spots in the city to find peace in just browsing through books. A good selection of various genres of books offered at reasonable prices.

Address: 11 Bandali Cl, Kampala, Uganda


With a few branches across the city, Aristoc is one of the leading bookstores in Kampala. Offers curated books, and artisan crafts to both scholars and ordinary book readers. This is a space where book lovers can purchase the latest books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, novels, games, e-readers, etc. Great books, great ambiance and great service. Its comprehensive list of book options on offer makes Aristoc Bookshop one of the best in the country.

Address: Kampala, Uganda