The Best Cafes in Brazzaville

A laid-back and safe city with a dynamic food scene, cafe culture is alive and well in Brazzaville. Whether you’re need in of breakfast or brunch, or just a caffeine hit or sate a sweet tooth, the Brazzaville’s cafes are filled with options to please all your cravings and tastes. Here’s our list of the best cafes in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.

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La Mandarine

La Mandarine Brazzaville
The La Mandarine in Brazzaville-Congo | © Frank Brouwers

La Mandarine is very popular and busy, and for good reason as serve some of the best breakfast and brunch in Brazzaville. Comprehensive menu that covers fresh pastries and Lebanese cuisine as well as good coffee. Definitely try something off their delicious menu, like their tasty omelette or meaty patties along with the beverage of choice.

Address: Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

Golden Lounge Café

Golden Lounge Café Congo
Image courtesy of Golden Lounge Café

A friendly, cosy cafe with a warm atmosphere offering fun lunch, as well as hearty regional. The menu is fresh and tasty, their hum salad and pizza are delicious!

Address: Moungali, Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville

Royal Spice

Royal Spice Brazzaville
Always a treat at the Royal Spice | © Hind Maalainine

A reliable spot that serves up Indian and regional classics, as well as with some European and Asian selections available. There are plenty to choose from. Both savoury and sweet tastes are both catered for, the menu includes breakfast and lunch options.

Address: 175 Avenue de l’Amitié, Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville

Le Feu des Saveurs

Cafes in Brazzaville
Views of the Congo River and Kinshasa from Le Feu des Saveurs’ terrace | © Le Feu des Saveurs

Located within the Radisson Hotel in Brazzaville, the Le Feu des Saveurs is a good spot to head to for cool breakfast and lunch. And open 6pm for dinner with a wide selection of dishes and good wines. The cafe’s standout design features a terrace giving guest sweeping sea views of the Congo River and Kinshasa just across. Whether inside or on the terrace, you won’t be disappointed by the menu, services nor the atmosphere.

Address: Avenue Amilcar Cabral, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo


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