The Best Markets to Visit in Uganda

The Best Markets to Visit in Uganda
A marketplace in Kampala, Uganda. © Arne Hoel/World Bank

You can’t beat the hustle and bustle of local Ugandan markets. Whether you’re in search of local crafts or foods, or simply looking to engage in real everyday interactions with the locals, markets in Ugandan will have something for you to help you experience the unique culture of the pearl of Africa. Here are the best markets to visit when in Uganda.

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Nakasero Market

Nakasero Market best markets in Uganda
Nakasero Market in Kampala, Uganda. © Nick James/Flickr

Arguably the best marketplace in the city of Kampala, located at the central business district. Locals and tourists head to Nakasero market to hunt for fresh farm produce, textiles, shoes, tourist items, and cheap electronics. Most prices are negotiable, and early birds get the best prices as they usually increase as the day goes on.

Kalerwe Market

Kalerwe Market best markets in Uganda
Kalerwe Market. © Kendall Stephens
Fresh foods are mostly traded at this street market. The Kalerwe market located on Gayaza road, near the Northern bypass, a few kilometres from Kampala City centre. The vendors deliver both good quality and bargain prices – a combo of wholesale and retail. Small traders from neighbouring towns come to this market to get wholesale bargains, to go sell retail on their shops. Most produce sold in this market are fresh from the farm; fresh fruits, fish, chicken, potatoes and cassava – at a bargain no one would want to miss.

St Balikuddembe Market (Owino Market)

St Balikuddembe Market started in 1971, and its reputable for being the hub of secondhand clothing. This market is located near Nakivubo Stadium between Kafumbe Mukasa road and Nakivubo place road. As tourist, this market will get you to experience the locals as your bargaining skills will be put to test. Brace yourself for bargaining war!

Jinja Central Market

Jinja Central Market best markets in Uganda
Entrance of the Jinja Central Market. © State House Uganda
Jinja Central Market is a massive landmark covering 4 acres and accommodates thousands of vendors. This market has vendors selling crafts, clothing, fruits and vegetables, among other produce. Want to experience this vibrant market? Then put on sun block, hat, sunglasses and grab some water. You might also need get an English speaking local as many of the vendor conduct trade in their local dialects.

Nakawa Market

Nakawa market is one of the largest markets in Kampala. This market is located along the Kampala–Jinja highway, and can also be accessed from Naguru road. Vendors offer a bit of everything from school supplies to food, household items and clothing. Bits and pieces of everything that gives an authentic vibe that’s hard to resist.

Nakulabye Market

There are over 6000 traders who work from Nakulabye market. This market is located in Nakulabye, at the junction of Makerere Hill road and Houma road. This is one of the finest farmer’s markets in Uganda. Fresh produce and multicoloured spreads of fruit and vegetables. Have fun shopping!