The Top Museums in Antananarivo, Madagascar

The Top Museums in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Musée De La Photographie De Madagascar. © Abbas Hiridjee

Antananarivo is situated in the Central Highlands of the Madagascar island. Madagascar is known for its world class attractions. Antananarivo holds the largest and most vibrant arts scene in the country. The nation’s diverse art and culture are so reverently remembered and celebrated here. Any visit to the nation’s capital isn’t complete without a visit to one of its museums. Here are the top museums to visit in Antananarivo.

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Andafiavaratra Palace

museums in Antananarivo: Andafiavaratra Palace
Prime Minister’s Palace, Antananarivo. © Chris Dechambre

The Andafiavaratra Palace, was the residence of Rainilaiarivony (the Prime Minister of Madagascar from 1864 to 1895). The guides will show you historical items importance to the Kingdom of Madagascar that are housed here. The Prime Minister’s Palace museum is situated at the highest hilltop of the capital city of Antananarivo.

Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Museum of Ethnology and Paleontology

This Museum is home to abundance of stuffed animals and skeletons of long-extinct local wildlife. The Ethnology and Paleontology museum is located in Tsimbazaza in Antananarivo. This is a great place to visit to experience and understand the prehistory and natural history of Madagascar.

Pirates Museum

museums in Antananarivo: pirates museum madagascar
© Pirates Museum

This is very small but informative museum about piracy. In the pirates museums, you will find original and replica artifacts detailing the history of pirates in the region. The very informative texts are in French.

Museum of Art and Archaeology

University of Madagascar’s Museum of Art and Archaeology (Le Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie), is a museum located in Isoraka in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Exhibitions solely focus on the archaeology, history and culture of Madagascar. Established in 1970, and operated by the University of Antananarivo. The museum currently houses over 7,000 objects. A spectacular representation of all regions and tribes in the collection. They are worth casting an eye on!

Address: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Museum of Photography of Madagascar

museums in Antananarivo: musée de la photographie Madagascar
Musée De La Photographie De Madagascar. © Abbas Hiridjee

Musée de la photographie de Madagascar is a very small museum, offering a good history of Madagascar in photography. Definitely worth a visit to explore the varied contemporary photography on display, as well as contemporary sculptures. A traditional Malagasy house and very nicely renovated.


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