10 Female Afrobeats Artists You Should Know

Best Female Afrobeats Artists
Tina Savage aka the Queen of Afrobeats | © Tiwa Savage

When it comes to worldwide entertainment, Nigerian music and afrobeats is one of the most influential sounds around. Afrobeats exploded out of Nigeria with such force and such distinctive style that it conquered the whole of Africa. If you put your ears to the streets of Africa, Europe and beyond, you’ll recognise that afrobeats has become a global music phenomenon. The most famous names in afrobeats are men, but women have contributed as much, often more to this genre of music. It’s an amazing time for afrobeats right now, here’s a list female afrobeats artists you should know, they are part of a growing movement of African sound that is influencing mainstream and pop culture globally.

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Yemi Alade

Superbly talented, Yemi Alade lays her hypnotic melodious voice over some fresh African bounce and riddims so naturally that you know she was born to be aafrobeats artist. Not afraid to mix in some pop effects, Yemi keeps it fresh without losing her African roots. She’s a highly recommended introduction for those just discovering the fantastic females of afrobeats. Her 2013 massive global hit Johnny has amassed over 100 million views on YouTube, making her the first female afrobeats artist to hit 100 million views for a single music video on YouTube. Yemi Alade was also featured on “Don’t Jealous Me,” a track off the soundtrack album  The Lion King: The Gift by Beyoncé. When thinking of afrobeats music, Yemi Alade‘s name will always come to mind.


Efya a Ghanaian afrobeats singer, songwriter, and actress from Kumasi. Efya is relentlessly positive, singing with love but not afraid to try new sounds. It is simply not possible to remain unmoved by Efya’s music and performance. This award-winning afrobeats artist is just as energetic with her work ethics.


Simi was born in Ojuelegba, and has been performing since her childhood years. With a string of hits to her name – including JoromiJamb Question and Ayo – she is particularly beloved by all demographics. She’s a highly recommended introduction for those interested in the fantastic alternative sounds of the afrobeats.


Ghanaian singer MzVee is one of the most talented artists in the afrobeats genre. She is one of the female artists who has given new life to the genre with her fresh sound and unique production style of infusing afropop, dancehall and R&B.

Tiwa Savage

Best Female Afrobeats Artists
Tina Savage aka the Queen of Afrobeats | © Tiwa Savage

Simply beauty and strength. Tiwa Savage, known as the Queen of Afrobeats, is the leading female afrobeats artist of this decade. Her sexy musical persona, high energy and mastery of Af