5 Murals in Johannesburg You Need to See

Best Murals in Johannesburg
The iconic landmark Orlando Towers in Soweto, South Africa. © k_man123/Flickr

The colorful largest city of South AfricaJohannesburg has a lot to take in when it comes to street art in the form of murals. Artists have been painting mesmerizing murals at target locations across Johannesburg. A visit to these art works will give you an insight in to South African culture. Wander the streets to take in the sights of colourful murals depicting political and historical times of the country. Learning through art, here are a few of the wonderful murals that you should search out when you visit the city.

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Javistha by Sonny

This piece called Javistha can be found at the Linden suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. A beautiful creation by Sonny, a native of Johannesburg. Fun fact about peregrine, the bird depicted in the mural – The peregrine falcon is renowned for being the fastest animal on earth, going a mere 380kph.

African Animals by ROA

Mural by ROA at Sivewright Avenue, Doornfontein in Johannesburg. © Mike Rynart

Belgian street artist ROA created an epic mural at Sivewright Avenue in downtown DoornfonteinJohannesburg. This mural feature six enormous African animals including the giraffe, hippo, elephant, rhino, springbuck and sable antelope. Lounging art on the side of the city’s building, a reminder of the beauty of nature.

Arts On Main

Arts On Main, Berea St, Maboneng, Johannesburg. © Adamina/Flickr

Visit the Berea Street in Maboneng, Johannesburg to see numerous murals stretching an entire street block, from the beginning to the end. Arts on Main is a creative hub in Johannesburg CBD, known for pioneering development, promoting art and the heart of this neighbourhood, and bringing vibrancy to the city.

Soweto’s Orlando Towers

Best Murals in Johannesburg
The iconic landmark Orlando Towers in Soweto, South Africa. © k_man123/Flickr

The Orlando Power Station in Soweto, Johannesburg is one of the most iconic landmarks in South Africa. The stunning mural on the now defunct power station, the towers were designed by Janine Kleinschmidt. A powerful and important art piece depicting Soweto’s past, present and future. On the towers, you’ll see a smiling Nelson Mandela, a picture of the Madonna and the township taxis. Images representing both the ordinary and famous faces of the sprawling township. This mural is a mirror of the community, reminding a period of time in the nation’s history, as well as inspiring both locals and tourists.

Jelani by Sonny

Jelani, can be found in Jozi’s Rosebank, a massive mural featuring a giant painting of an elephant. With up to 40,000 elephants killed every year, he created this work to bring awareness to wildlife conservation and protecting these endangered species. A mural that celebrates the beauty of these gentle giants and what they mean to Africa. Jelani meaning ‘mighty’ in Swahili.


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