A Guide to Beautiful Deserts & Mediterranean Coast of Algeria

A Guide to Beautiful Deserts & Mediterranean Coast of Algeria
Port de Sidi Fredj, Marina in Staouéli, Algeria. © Ykr Digitalbum

Africa’s largest country might be in a region rocked by political instability, but Algeria has so much to offer tourists. With its capital Algiers, boasting an urban and modern charm mixed with traditional and historical colonial architecture and old medina. Looking to diversify its economy, the government has singled out tourism as one of five priority sectors for investment. 

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Great Mosque of Algiers (Djamaa el Djazaïr). © Ath Salem/Flickr

This country is also home to the tallest mosque in Africa. The third largest mosque in the world after the Great Mosque of Mecca and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

The foreign and tourism ministries are working together reviewing the possibility of revising visa procedures to reduce the burden on visitors. Those efforts, will also ensure and see Algerian economy modernize, adapt to new changes and improves its competitiveness. With its unspoiled mountains a long Mediterranean coastline and beautiful deserts, Africa’s largest country sure to lure million visitors.

Besides the glamour of the cities and coastal luxury, Algeria does make for a great adventurous destination that will have guest adrenaline jumping. Hiking the oasis, Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range and other highlands. Exploring the Casbah of Algiers and great ruins of Djemila. The reward to visitors areendless.

Grand Erg Oriental, Algerian oasis near Touggourt. © Frans Lemmens

Algeria is definitely in competition to become the next big tourist destinations in Africa. So you might want to add Algeria in your bucket list of places to visit at least once.


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