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The Best Souvenir Markets in Cameroon

Exploring the beautiful country of Cameroon goes beyond going on safaris and game hunting; for those persons who are more food, fashion and lifestyle inclined you can enjoy your time in Cameroon by touring the markets of Cameroon. There are many markets all over cities in Cameroon cities such as Douala (largest city in Cameroon) and Yaoundé. In Douala there are no shortage of shopping outlets ranging from stores and shops to open air markets, flowers shops are also worth checking out. the Bonapriso quarter is an arena where shopping is life as you can get a lot of Cameroonian handmade crafts. Marche De Fleur is one of the main popular shops in Douala, tourists over time have given some good reviews about this place. The store which houses lots of traditional handicrafts and handmade souvenirs to silver jewelry, paintings and art works has a great ambience with lots of fresh flowers giving that welcoming feel when exploring the best of Cameroon Markets.

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The Musee Provincial de Dauala, Bamenda Handicraft Center has a variety of crafts great for souvenirs, gifts and a large selection of large and small sculptures, drums, baskets and storage dishes, fiber bags, masks and so on all these are labeled with a fixed price so no haggling is necessary making purchasing easier.

The Presbyterian Handcraft Center

The Presbyterian Handcraft Center
The Presbyterian Handcraft Center, Cameroon – © prescraft.cm

Locally known as PresCraft located in Bamenda is also one of the best places to shop in Cameroon when seeking to buy locally made items, it is also a nice place to visit and shop having the added benefit of a Café known as PresCraft Café where shoppers can store by for a quick meal or drink before or after shopping, also has a good convenience with a clean bathroom. Although some tourists complain about the high prices of some of the handicrafts but they are the high quality and durable.


Doual’Art Centre – © Away from Africa

Buyers of Art could visit the Doual’Art to get a feel of Cameroonian art. Marches Artisanales (tourist or craft markets) also markets such as The Guzang Market in Guzang, Nkwen Market in Bamenda, the Kumba market in Cameroon is also a market worth visiting you can get highly decorated pots, jugs, bottles, cups, drinking horns, earthenware and delicate molded pots at reasonable prices.

Most tourists look out for stalls which specialize in antique goods to purchase woodcarvings, hand woven textiles, masks, pottery, grass mats, ornaments and with good bargaining you can get so many nice pieces you can purchase at affordable prices. Touring Cameroon through the market scene is seeing the country in another light and is a more interactive way of experiencing the lifestyle and culture of the Cameroonian people through shopping and interacting with locals. Shopping around the cities of Cameroon can be so much fun and is definitely worth experiencing.


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