The Best Food Markets in Casablanca

Food Markets in Casablanca
Image courtesy of Carrefour Market

While Casablanca might be best known for being Morocco’s port city and commercial hub, the city in addition boasts a number of wonderful food markets. Luxurious riverside markets to local farmer markets selling the freshest fish, meats, fruit and vegetables. The best Moroccan food is found in the streets, be sure to indulge whenever in Casablanca. Here is our selection of the best food markets in Casablanca, Morocco.

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Maarif Market

Maarif Market Casablanca
Fruits and veggies stand at Maarif Market, Casablanca. © Babak Houdeh

An open-air market held on Avenue Mehdi Ben Barkawith great selection of fresh produce, you’re never short of quality buy. Everything you need, cheese, fruit and vegetables being sold by warm welcoming tradersHowever, parking can be a hassle, so you might want to go early before the market gets crowded.

Derb Ghallef

The Derb Ghallef situated at Boulevard Raphael, is a very popular and interesting market in Casablanca, selling everything from electronics to various second-hand items. However, there are food stalls scattered around, serving shoppers with tasty local bites. Multiple different types of fresh fruits and veggies you never knew existed are readily available.

Marche Central

Marche Central Casablanca
Fish and seafood stall at Marche Central, Casablanca. © Ryan Opperman

The Marche Central is a locally beloved market, a unique spot for fish and grill seafood experience. This market is an amazing place to purchase crafts and souvenirs with colourful and interesting stalls. It hosts some of the nicest fish meals you will find in Casablanca. No need to eat before visiting here, Marche Central will definitely will definitely give your taste buds a workout. Pick your fish or have them prepare it beautifully for you at one of the market restaurants. Perfect blend of swordfish, a few oysters with some fresh vegetables at your desired quantity. Bon Appetit! The budget is yours to control, whether cheap or expensive buy. No credit cards, only cash accepted.

Address: Boulevard Mohammed V, Casablanca, Morocco

Marche 9ri3a

A small flea market Casablanca open Mondays thru Sundays, you will find plenty street stalls serving up street-food snacks and typical dishes to enjoy. From freshly made local bites to baked cakes and cookies, there’s always plenty to eat here.

Carrefour Market

Food Markets in Casablanca
Image courtesy of Carrefour Market

French hypermarket brand Carrefour has established a solid presence in Casablanca with numerous branches of its Carrefour Market around the main business centres. Having multiple locations through the city all means that they are quite easy to reach, no matter which part of Casablanca you’re in. Medium prices and quality for daily needs with the best promotion deals.

Badr Market

Badr Market is a lively and cool little local market offering everything from fresh produce to florist and phone repair services. The best time to visit is mid-morning, when the fish, meat and vegetable stores are restocked with freshest goods. You can also buy live chicken and roosters being sold for outdoor grilling essentials with friends and family.

Address: Casablanca 20250, Morocco