What fruit to eat now: Strawberries

fruits to eat right now strawberries
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Strawberries are synonymous with spring and summer; they give a feel-good vibe. Strawberries are highly nutritious, and among the healthiest fruits on earth. You associate them with nice times, a nice lifestyle and summery goodness. So juicy, succulent, and refreshing – it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like strawberries. A very versatile fruit that be used in making many recipes. How would you like to eat strawberries? From sweet baked goods and savoury desserts to healthy breakfasts and smoothies and signature cocktails bursting in rich flavours, they are delicious in all. And you can even try grilling up this fruity sweet treat as smoky strawberry skewers.

When is strawberry season?

They are grown in varied locations and seasons, due to this, strawberries are available throughout the year, because they also are imported from other countries. Strawberry is a delicate fruit that continue to ripen even after they’re picked, however, refrigeration helps slow the process. Make sure to toss moldy ones before refrigerating, and wash them until just before use.

When is strawberry season
Photo: Courtesy of Disneymike

10 ways you can eat strawberries

  1. Smoky strawberry skewers 
  2. Strawberry desserts 
  3. Strawberry cocktails 
  4. Strawberry biscuits 
  5. Strawberry salads 
  6. Strawberry cake 
  7. Trifles 
  8. Smoothies 
  9. Ice cream and lollies 
  10. Jams and preserves

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