Detox green juice

Healthy green vegetable detox juice recipe
Natural green vegetables detox juice

Make a glass of detox vegetable juice recipe even more refreshing by using greens, one of the best ways to boost your immune system. This colourful juice is packed full of fresh ingredients with incredible health benefits, that is perfect for your diet when you want to naturally cleanse your body and boost your immune system. Follow the instructions for this naturally healthy green detox juice but mix and match the juice and fresh green fruits and vegetables combinations depending on what you have in the house. Blend green apple, celery, spinach, cucumber and ginger, for a light and refreshing detox treat. We love green juice, and this has got to be our favourite recipe, rich in iron, vitamin C and essential minerals!

Incredible health benefits of natural green juice

  • Green apples are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. They assist with breaking down toxins and lowering cholesterol, and also helps with digestion.
  • Celery is a great source of important antioxidants that reduces inflammation and supports digestion.
  • Spinach is a vegetable powerhouse that is rich in iron and many essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Cucumber is packed with vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C and folic acid. Supports cell hydration, regulating body temperature and eases inflammation.
  • Lemon is high in immune boosting vitamin C and help out with potassium and vitamin B6.
  • Ginger is a power agent in juice and smoothie recipes. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, aids in digestion and relieves bloating.


for 1 serving 

  • ½ medium cucumber, diced 
  • 1 green apple, cored and diced 
  • 2 celeries, diced 
  • ½ lemon, juiced 
  • 1 teaspoon ginger, minced 
  • 2 cups spinach (300 g), washed 


  1. Add the cucumber, apple, celery, lemon juice, ginger, and spinach to a blender, and blend until smooth.
  2. Chill the juice for at least 30 minutes, and you can store up to 3 days, refrigerated.
  3. Enjoy!

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green detox juice recipe natural weight loss cleanse

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