The Best Markets in Accra, Ghana

Markets in Accra Ghana
Makola Market is Accra's commercial hub | © Erin Johnson/Flickr

In Accra, the local market scenes are incredibly eclectic and sometimes hard to track down. The great thing about marketplaces in the Ghanaian capital is the superior quality and good value of the items on offer. The markets here provide both locals and tourists with a chance to experience the colours, atmosphere, exquisite handmade items and delicious foods this amazing city has to offer. Want to make the most of your holidays? Discover the best markets to visit in Accra, Ghana, live like a local and get great souvenirs to help you remember your trip as well as impresses your family and friends back at home.

Kantamanto Market

A trader at the Kantamanto Market | © Next City/Flickr

Situated in the central business district of Accra, Kantamanto Market is an extremely busy and fast paced shopping destination. Kantamanto is one of Ghana’s largest markets, a premier destination for secondhand trade in the country. It offers everything you need at one place, but you’ll have to walk around some more to get what you want, so be prepared to do some digging to find the gems hidden in the market’s lanes and narrow streets.  Very hot place, so please bring water with you to stay hydrated. Local market cafés and eateries at the market serve visitors with a taste of Ghanaian culinary specialties including the famous jollof rice, fufu, boiled plantain with garden egg stew. You’ll be entertained!

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Centre for National Culture (Arts Centre)

Centre for National Culture
Centre for National Culture, Accra, Ghana | © Art Centre Accra

Centrally located in the Ghanaian capital, the Centre for National Culture, is certainly not in short supply when it comes to selling souvenirs. From handmade items to Ghanaian fabrics to African art home decor, there’s certainly a lot to choose from. You won’t find souvenirs like these anywhere else in Accra, all at good quality and reasonable prices. Here, visitors are impressed with the curious arts, designs and crafts of the people, there’s also an art gallery, which sells prints and paintings.

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Kaneshie Market

accra Kaneshie market
Vendors at the Kaneshie market in Accra, Ghana | © Moritz Homann/Flickr

Located in Kaneshie of the Greater Accra Region, the Kaneshie Market is a real tourist experience, a local market that sells everything you could possibly imagine. Travellers who are particularly interested in seeing a market for the experience will enjoy a stroll through the busy stalls, shops and street vendors.

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Makola Market

Makola Market is Accra’s commercial hub | © Erin Johnson/Flickr

Located in the heart of Accra, Makola Market is large open market that lend a unique characteristic to the trade culture of Ghana – it is Accra’s most dynamic commercial hub. If market browsing is on the travel agenda, Makola Market should be the first port of call in the Ghanaian capital. A historically rich and culturally significant market, certainly one of the most entertaining. As you walk around the market, you’ll be treated to a variety of different sights, sounds and smells, vendors sell traditional Ghanaian items like kente cloth, kitchenware, jewellery, cheap handicrafts and much more. Makola Market is the city’s best market, and one place you should not miss to visit when in Accra, Ghana.

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