The Best Surf Spots in Mozambique

Best Surf Spots in Mozambique Africa
Surfing at Tofo Beach in ‎Inhambane Province, Mozambique. © Joshe Faulkner

Mozambique is blessed with not only beautiful beaches, but also home to some African surfing destinations. Fantastic surf spots where surf fans can get to learn this infectious sport. With a diverse coastline, this country offers options to find that perfect break. And the weather is warm year-round, which makes organizing a trip even easier. Here are our picks of the best surf spots in and around Mozambique.

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Barra Beach

16 km from the city of Inhambane lies Barra Beach, offering a nice break on its long sand pit. A secret treasure that throws up a quality beach break right at low tide. Not just for the pro surfers, this coastal gem has waves and beach for everyone. Visitors can catch long rides on the right day. And this is also fun spot to go peaceful beach experience.


Love going to beach and surfing? Then this might be the right spot for you. Kite-surfing is becoming more popular in Murrebue, Mozambique. Cool fun spot with bar and restaurant catering to surf fans. Enjoy the exhilarating sport while you use the stunning beach landscape as a backdrop.

Ponta do Ouro

Ponta do Ouro, mozambique
Surfer at the Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. © Bryce Rawlins

Ponta do Ouro is only a destination for the sport enthusiasts, but also holiday resort to many visitors. This is where you’ll find Mozambique’s most powerful waves for world class surfing experience. Great a home base to experience the local must-visit attractions and explore the coastline luxury. Beach is definitely a must-stop for surfers, even absolute beginners.

Guinjata Bay

Popular spot for surfers and party goers alike. Guinjata Bay offers more opportunities at different levels from surfing to relaxing and other activities including birdlife and beach games. With consistent waves and temperate climate, Mozambique does give some good surf break and bring surfing to life.

Praia do Tofo

Praia do Tofo, Mozambique
Surfing at Tofo Beach in ‎Inhambane Province, Mozambique. © Joshe Faulkner

The Tofo beach (Praia do Tofo), have an excellent stretch of beaches and fun medium-sized waves with Tofinho being renowed surf spot. Right-hand point break on the southern end of the idyllic beach. Favourite with the locals, and they are warm and welcoming to tell you about the local surf. The Tofinho wave has a solid and can be a real blast in the perfect conditions. Challenging enough to keep surfs on their toes, so don’t take unnecessary risks.


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