Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Ghana

Most Beautiful Towns in Ghana
Sunset in the Nzulenzu village, Ghana | © Michael Kreß

Want to discover the best of Ghana? You are in the right place. Ghana is known for its white sands and palm fringed Atlantic beaches. It is also home to some of the most beautiful, historic and culturally rich towns in Africa. Though most visitors to Ghana don’t venture outside of its major urban cities — Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, and Cape Coast — there is certainly more to see. Small cities and towns around the country have reason to attract visitors due to their authenticity and pristine nature. Read on to plan your trip to Ghana’s ten most beautiful towns. There is so much beautiful places to discover in Ghana!

Cape Coast

Cape Coast Castle Ghana
President Barack Obama at the Cape Coast Castle | © Obama White House/Flickr

One of the most handsome towns in Ghana, Cape Coast is surrounded by historical buildings and castle. Known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, it is an important focal point of pan-African history, making it the ideal location for discovering all that Ghana has to offer. There are many sights to see in the town itself, with Cape Coast Castle, and, the Wesley Methodist Cathedral, which is the oldest Methodist churches in Ghana. This Ghana’s beautiful town is located 30 km south of Kakum National Park, one of the most diverse and best-preserved green spaces in the West African region.


Kejetia market Kumasi, Ghana
Kejetia, the Kumasi Central Market, Ghana. © Richard Freeland/Flickr

Kumasi is a Ghanaian city that shouldn’t be missed. Located in the Ashanti Region, Kumasi is a traditional market city surrounded by the beautiful species of flowers and plants, earning the town its nickname “The Garden City.” The pretty streets are lined with traditional tourist spots, with many inns, gardens and parks to discover. Wander along the lake, visit the bustling open-air Kejetia Market and admire the Royal Asante attractions.


Akosombo Dam Ghana
Akosombo Dam in Akosombo, Ghana © René Mayorga/Flickr

Across Ghana, the small town of Akosombo boasts stunning scenery, pristine nature and terrain, all beautiful in their own right. For those planning their next getaway, step away from the norm and experience the charm this small town have to offer. To add a few of these charms to your Ghanaian itinerary, see our ultimate guide and list of the top-rated things to do in Akosombo, Ghana.


koforidua town ghana
Koforidua at night | © GrassRoot/Flickr

Another Ghana romantic town that shouldn’t be missed is Koforidua, it is one of the calmest and coolest places in the country. Located in Eastern Region of south Ghana, Koforidua boasts one of Ghana’s finest waterfalls. It’s an incredibly pretty town to wander around, complete with Akaa Falls and Boti Falls, and the Umbrella Rock. Very interesting tourist spots to visit in Koforidua, Ghana.


Mole National Park
Elephants at Mole National Park, Ghana | © Justin Scott/Flickr

Tamale, Ghana, is one of the best towns to visit in Africa, a special place to rediscover the pleasures of life and culture. Also nearby major draw to nature lovers is the Mole National Park, the largest reserve in Ghana. Visitors to this Ghana’s best wildlife park, get to see hippos, leopards, baboons, antelope, warthogs, monkeys and rare birds. Tamale is a great town to visit if you are looking for a quick safari trip.


aburi gardens ghana
Aburi Botanical Gardens, Ghana | © PapJeff/Flickr

Familiar with tourists, Aburi is one of the most beautiful towns and places in Ghana and features one of the finest wood markets in Africa. Another highlight of the town, is its quad biking adventure sports center, and, the famous Ghanaian tourist destination, the rich Aburi Botanical Gardens, makes it a must-visit of Ghana’s small towns.


Most Beautiful Towns in Ghana
Sunset in the Nzulenzu village, Ghana | © Michael Kreß

Located in the Western Region of Ghana, near the border with Cote d’Ivoire, Nzulenzu is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike due its unique settlement built on stilts on lake Tadane. It is a major tourist attraction area and among the best places to visit in Ghana. Being of historic importance in anthropology and destination to wealth of local traditions, Nzulenzu is on the list of World Heritage Site cultural landscapes.


Kokrobite Beach Ghana