Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Djenne

Tourist Attractions in Djenne
Great Mosque of Djenné, in Mali | Photo: Courtesy of EarthGuideOfficial

Mali’s old town of Djenne is a place with exhilarating fusion of history and culture. A source of soul and influence to most African French. There are some things you just can’t miss when visiting Djenne. From one of Africa’s most famous landmarks to colourful markets, here’s our guide and list of the top-rated tourist attractions and things to do in Djenne, Mali.

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Grand Marché

The Grand Market is Djenne’s Monday Market, a market experience is not to be missed whenever in town. A main tourist attraction that converge both locals and tourists every Monday to shop from buyers from within and the surrounding regionsGrand Marché is one of the most colourful markets in West Africa. This vibrant market has been in operation for years, continuously changing to reflect its surrounding community. Djenne became a commercial centre due to the market as the town became an important link in the trans-Saharan trade. The best time to visit the market is late-morning.

Great Mosque of Djenne

Tourist Attractions in Djenne
Great Mosque of Djenné, in Mali | Photo: Courtesy of EarthGuideOfficial

A visit to the historic town of Djenne is not complete without making a stop at the Great Mosque of Djenne (Grande Mosque). The Grande Mosquee is an architectural wonder, considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques in Africa. Listed as a UNESCO-World Heritage Site, this mosque is regarded as one of the most impressive achievements of the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style. Great Mosque of Djenne is a top-rated attraction in Mali that has been dazzling travelers for centuries, and till this today. Famous throughout the world for its cultural significance.

Address: Djenne, Mali

Bogolan (Mud-cloth)

A great souvenir is one that helps you remember your trip. Djenne ancient mud city is know for being a prime spot for creation of Malian mud dyed fabric. The famous artisan Pama Sinatoa’s workshop in Djenne is where to shop for gifts and souvenirs. There’s a wide selection of quality products. Visitors also get a chance to see demonstrations of how the Mali’s famous mud-cloth is made. If you’re looking for something special to commemorate your travel, here is where you need to be.

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