Drink Like a Local: Top 5 Best Local Drinks in Nigeria

Fresh Nigerian palm wine | © kachobysplace

The giant of Africa, Nigeria is ever growing and evolving. With many ethnic groups, Nigeria is diversified in rich cultures and tribes – over 500 distinctive languages and numerous dialects belonging to a variety of religious communities and peoples. Nigeria, takes pride in its diversity, which is perhaps best represented by the food and drink culture. We present to you, some popular local Nigerian drinks; get the basics of drinking like a local. Connect with the people and drink like a local with our list of the best local drinks in Nigeria.


nigerian zobo drink recipe
Nigerian zobo drink | © myChopChop.Inc

Zobo is a super drink which is slightly thick, colourful, pleasant and tasty. This is Nigeria’s nonalcoholic “wine”. This natural drink is made from dried ingredients including the zobo leaves – Roselle leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa). This drink has many advantages: available, tasty, refreshing and have a lot healthy benefits – help reduce high blood pressure, aid digestion and promote a healthy the urinary tract.


burukutu drink
Burukutu drink – © africabriefing.org

Burukutu is peculiar to ethnic groups around the middle belt region of Nigeria. An alcoholic beverage, brewed from the grains of Guinea corn (Sorghum bicolor) and millet (Pennisetum glaucum). This drink is commonly consumed in many areas in Nigeria. ?It is one of the major traditional and local alcoholic drinks.


local nigerian drink ogogoro
Ogogoro – © @nothingtodoinlagos/instagram

Ogogoro (Ogog) is Nigeria’s local premium vodka. Ogogoro, popularly known in the streets by names like Kai-kai’, ‘Sapele Water’, ‘I for don marry’, ‘Ishi Enwe’, ‘Ufofob’, ‘Push Me, I Push You’, among many other names. Ogogoro is usually distilled locally from fermented Raphia palm tree juice. Ogog is sometimes derived from ripe plantain and other fruits through distillery methods. This drink can be quite dangerous when it’s not well prepared.

Palm Wine

nigerian palm wine
Fresh Nigerian palm wine | © kachobysplace

What is Nigeria without palm wine?  Palm wine is a natural alcoholic sap from palm trees. It has been a part of Nigerian culture from generations to generation. This drink plays a vital role in cultural events as it is used to carry out several traditional rites. This is probably the most popular drink local drink in Nigeria. This drink is consumed by almost all ethnic and tribal groups in the country.


Nigeria’s irish Cream, Kunu is a popular drink consumed throughout Nigeria, mostly in the north. This drink is usually made from a grain such as millet or sorghum, although it can be made from maize as well. This is a non-alcoholic drink.