The Best Things to See & Do in Harare

Mukuvisi Woodlands, wildlife and safari park in Harare, Zimbabwe | © Manisha Gurung / @mani_sasha

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and has much to offer visitors, including a gateway to marveling wildlife, beautiful parks and a thriving cultural scene. Don’t rush off to your safari just yet as we offer some insight to make the best out of your time in the city. From the museums and gardens to the markets, read on to discover what to do, where to go, of course, what to eat when you’re in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Visit the museums and galleries

National Art Gallery Harare
Exhibition at the National Art Gallery in Harare | © Tim Masson

Explore Harare’s fascinating culture and art scene with a visit to one of its museums and art galleries. The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences and the National Art Gallery take visitors through the city and nation’s history. Art lovers will appreciate visiting these spots and appreciating the collections and exhibitions. And sculpture lovers will appreciate the Shona Sculpture Gallery, which has good and cultural crafts, nice for home decor.

📍Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences, Burnett Way, Harare, Zimbabwe 

📍National Art Gallery, Park Lane, Harare, Zimbabwe 

📍 Shona Sculpture Gallery, Airport Road Hatfield, Harare, Zimbabwe 

Discover Chapungu Sculpture Park

Chapungu Sculpture Park
Chapungu Sculpture Park in Harare, Zimbabwe | © Chapungu Sculpture Park

In East Harare, you’ll find Chapungu Sculpture Park, a beautiful art park dedicated to promoting Zimbabwean famous stone sculptures (Shona Sculpture) as well as others from other African countries. Founded in 1970 by Roy Guthrie, the permanent collection of works here are considered the most important in existence. Sculptures here are exhibited all over the world. It is located in East Harare. Visitors can purchase charming stone souvenirs at the premises.

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Spend time on National Heroes Acre

National Heroes Acre
National Heroes Acre, burial ground and national monument in Harare, Zimbabwe | © Addi Mavengere

National Heroes Acre is a national monument and burial ground in the Zimbabwean captial. A shrine beautifully built with lots of history for liberation war fighters. Mesmerizing artworks. The monument is designed to resemble two AK-47’s lying back to back and the graves to look like magazines for the gun. At the National Heroes Acre, you will find The Tomb of the ZanuPH soldiers, The Eternal Flame, Wall Murals, and a museum that houses artefact, photographs, documents and the burial site of about 76 Zimbabwean national heroes. This National edifice is located at 107 Rotten Row, Harare. There’s lots of Zimbabwean history to learn from this place. The environment is so serene, and offers visitors the city’s skyline view from the top.

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Head to the Harare markets

Gerald kadonzvo arts
Flea market in Harare, Zimbabwe | © Gerald kadonzvo [email protected]

From weekdays to weekends, locals and tourists pour into the city’s markets for fresh produce, local items, freshly baked treats, and artisanal crafts. If you’re in the bustling Zimbabwean capital, check out the Maasdorp Avenue Market. This farmers’ market in Harare, is only open on This is a great Wednesday and Saturday, and there is always a hive of activities, with vendors selling everything from range of gourmet food, fresh vegetables, arts and handicrafts and some luxury goodies. It caters for everyone! Then head down and browse the Magaba Market, one of the best markets in Harare, there’s nothing you cannot find there, parking is always a nightmare. If you like flea markets, and want to buy all sorts, Gerald kadonzvo [email protected] Flea Market, offers beautiful artwork, at good pricing too.

📍 Maasdorp Avenue Market, 11 Maasdorp Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe 

📍 Magaba Market, Harare, Zimbabwe 

📍 Gerald kadonzvo [email protected] Flea Market, Harare, Zimbabwe 

Harare public gardens

Harare Botanical Gardens
Botanical garden in Harare, Zimbabwe | © Bart Wursten/Flickr

Located right in the north of the capital city, the Harare Botanical Gardens are a beautiful spot to spend a couple of hours relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Check the Africa Unity Square, a historically valued park and garden in Harare, quite popular with the locals and tourists. The flower market onsite is fabulous!

Harare Botanical Gardens, 30 Sandringham Dr, Harare, Zimbabwe 

Africa Unity Square, Jason Moyo Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe 

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