The 4 Must-Visit Museums in Zimbabwe

art galleries in zimbabwe
Kabbo Ka Muwala: A Girl's Basket Exhibition

These top museums in Zimbabwe are bringing influences to the mainstream of life, to change the way people appreciate art and culture. Zimbabwe is home to dozens of museums and art galleries. A southern African country with rich history. When in Zimbabwe, don’t miss out on these museums that are showcasing the artistic cultural heritage of the nation.

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Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe

This museum is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, on Leopold Takawira Avenue. It was officially opened in 1964, it exhibits illustrations of the Zimbabwean history. It houses a gallery that makes comprehensive display on the mineral and crystal wealth of the nation.

AddressPark Rd, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe
Museum located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. © Sputniktilt/WikimediaCommons

Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences

This is one of the best natural history museums in Southern Africa. Formerly the Queen Victoria Museum, it is located in Harare, Zimbabwe. It houses the oldest wooden object ever found in sub-Saharan Africa. The complex contains a library, and a model Shona Village, in addition to holding ethnographic and archaeological collections. Wildlife exhibits are on show in public galleries, including the second largest mounted elephant in the world. The museum contains the seven-hundred-year-old Lemba artifact ngoma lungundu, which some believe to be an replica of the Ark of the Covenant.  The museum is a dream paradise for animal enthusiasts as well as the amateur and not so amateur geologists.

Address: Burnett Way, Harare, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences
Museum in Harare, Zimbabwe. © Rob/BBM Explorer

Zimbabwe Military Museum

This is Zimbabwe’s National Army and Aviation Museum. Various displays portray the history of the Army, Air Force and Police. Visitors can view aero engines, uniforms and equipment associated with Zimbabwe’s military history. The museum houses seven galleries including the foyer, the military history gallery, armoured vehicle hanger, police gallery, Guinea Fowl School Memorial hut and the artillery hanger. A special display honours the efforts of the Rhodesian Air Training Group during World War II.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe

The museum set itself as center for national culture with dedication to the presentation and conservation of Zimbabwe’s contemporary art and visual heritage. Injecting various influences into the mainstreams of life and changing the way people appreciate art and culture irrespective of societal backgrounds. The Gallery is responsible for circulating exhibitions throughout Zimbabwe and is a focal and distributing point for art in the country.

Address: Park Ln, Harare, Zimbabwe

National Gallery of Zimbabwe
Art gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe. © Awinda/WikimediaCommons