The Top 10 Places to Visit in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Photo: Courtesy of Emma Saeterbakk / @emmasaeterbakk

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River is always a good idea. But, let’s go a bit further with this and say Zimbabwe, as a whole has roaring wonders to offer. The country is brimming with incredible stunning places to discover, from the lush Harare in the north-eastern to the historic feel Bulawayo on the southwest. So, if you plan on traveling to Zimbabwe, indulge your wanderlust by checking out our list for insights and discover the best places to visit in Zimbabwe.

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A gateway to Matobo National Park, Bulawayo is an enchanting city in southwest Zimbabwe, and is famous for its charming colonial architecture. Bulawayo is the best city to visit if you are fond of cities with historic feel to them. Roam the old avenues swaying with lush trees, and plan your safari to the Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest natural reserve.


Mutare is located between the Bvumba Mountains and south of the Imbeza Valley, which makes it one of the most authentic towns. There is plenty to do, enjoy a picnic when the sun is out at the Vumba Botanical Gardens and Reserve. Take a trip through the Christmas Pass to enjoy one of the most awe-inspiring views of Zimbabwe.


Antelope Park Game
Antelope Park Game in Gweru, Midlands. © Nkululeko Mkwananzi

If you are more of a urban person, you should head to Midlandsa province of Zimbabwe and a central point of the country. Gweru is the capital of the province and the third largest city in Zimbabwe. This sweet part of the country is home to various ethnics, a swift blend of difference vibrant cultures of Zimbabwe. The landscapes and restaurants are happy to welcome you all year round.


Harare Zimbabwe
Downtown of Harare, Zimbabwe. © Zim Experience

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, and therefore the ideal place if you wish to experience a great dining and craft markets in a laid-back city. Located in the Mashonaland region, in north-eastern Zimbabwe, the city is full of varied bars where you can treat yourself to the different varieties of local and international beverages. Rushing off to your safari? But before that, take a stroll on the downtown and explore the wide avenue and high-rises before stopping by Sam Levy’s Village to have fun one stop shopping experience. From coffee bars to big brands shops to banks, there’s plenty and something for everyone.

Victoria Falls