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Top Things to See and Do in Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda in East Africa, and also Uganda’s largest city. Fascinated with its rich culture, diversity of people, its streets thronging with shoppers, hawkers, and the most mind-bogglingly packed bus and taxi parks. It’s a nice city to stay in and use as a base for exploring the country further. Kampala was the capital of the Bugandan Kingdom several hundred years ago – as the heartland of the Buganda kingdom, Kampala has a rich and colourful history. We bring you a brief guide to unique things to see and do in Kampala, Uganda. An engaging city with several worthy attractions to keep you occupied. The people of Kampala, and Ugandans in general, are very kind and friendly and are very approachable.

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Uganda National Mosque

Top Things to See and Do in Kampala
Kampala Central Mosque. © Mon3em

(Gaddafi National Mosque), located at Kampala Hill in the Old Kampala area of Kampala. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya commissioned the mosque as a gift to Uganda, and for the benefit of the Muslim population. Uganda has many mosques but this one is a skyscraper mosque. You can also climb up the stairs of the tower and enjoy the 360° view on Kampala.

Owino market

Top Things to See and Do in Kampala
Owino market – Lars Schoebitz/flickr

Owino Market – the biggest market in East Africa with close to 100,000 people shopping/selling at the height of business on any given day. Endless booths that line the chaotic alleys of Owino offer a mind-boggling array everything from homemade irons, to an amazing array of African foods.

Uganda National Cultural Centre

Top Things to See and Do in Kampala
Mahogany Jones with traditional musicians at the Cultural Center – U.S. Mission Uganda/flickr

The Centre has two main components: the National Theatre and the Nommo Gallery, both of which are located in central Kampala. The National Theatre provides a venue for stage performances of different kinds, and also serves as a cinema; the Nommo Gallery features exhibitions of works of art by both Ugandan and foreign artists. The Centre also offers a quality program of music, film, dance and drama performances in the theatre itself, but most travellers come here for the popular, free nightly outdoor events.

The Uganda Museum

kampala uganda
Uganda National Museum – Jeff Rozwadowski/flickr

Founded in 1908, Uganda Museum is a museum in Kampala, Uganda, which displays and exhibits ethnological, natural-historical and traditional life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage.

Address: Kampala, Uganda

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Royal Tombs in Kampala
Kasubi Royal Tombs in Kampala, Uganda. © Marvin Nyanzi Ssentamu

Kasubi tombs, where the remains of the Kings of Buganda are buried, and other members of the Baganda royal family. Here is an important spiritual and political site for the Ganda people, as well as an important example of traditional architecture. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 2001. This is a major tourist site in Africa. However, these were extensively damaged by fire in March 2010. As a result, in July 2010 it was included in the list of World Heritage Sites in Danger. Reconstruction started in 2014, funded by the government of Japan.

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Rubaga

Top Things to See and Do in Kampala
Cathedral in Kampala, Uganda. © Erick David/flickr

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga, commonly referred to as Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala, is the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in Uganda. It is the home church of Archbishop of Kampala. Gives good view of the city.

Address: Mutesa Rd, Kampala, Uganda


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