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Detoxifying Mixed Berry Ginger Smoothie

Detoxifying Smoothie: Mixed Berry Ginger Smoothie

Want a smoothie which naturally cleanse the body? For something detoxifying and a little bit special, why not go for a twist on your classic...
Carrot Ginger Mint Immune Boosting Smoothie

Carrot Ginger Mint Immune Boosting Smoothie

Serve up a healthy breakfast in style with this Caribbean inspired smoothie made with pear, carrot and banana smoothie recipe. This blend of banana,...
spinach ginger mint smoothie

Green Smoothies: Spinach Ginger Mint Smoothie

Boost your immune system with this easy spinach, ginger and mint smoothie recipe. Made with fresh orange, pear and banana for a heathy treat. Spinach,...
Nutritious Ginger Shot, Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie, Mexican Mangonada and Almond Berry Smoothie

Top Tens: 10 Best 15-minute Smoothie and Juice Recipes

Learn how to make classic healthy smoothies and drinks from-scratch with our new recipes and how-to guide. Homemade smoothies and juices are not as complicated as you...
workout recovery smoothie recipe

Easy Post-Workout Smoothie

Are you on diet and nutrition journey, and wanting to increase your daily fruits and vegetables intake? This super easy, delicious green smoothie recipe...
10 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie ideas

Healthy Recipes: 10 Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas to go with your weight loss and flat belly journey?  Or if you are on a diet and looking for healthy breakfast recipes...
weight loss green smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss

Healthy smoothies make a great choice at any time of day as they're incredibly versatile and super quick to make. If you are burning...
Immune Boosting Smoothie recipe

Tropical Immune Boosting Smoothie

You can’t beat a nice cool detox smoothie packed with lots of lovely fruit to boost your immune when you feeling a little run down. This refreshing...
Very healthy breakfast smoothie

Almond Berry Smoothie

Kick-start your day with this healthy homemade almond berry smoothie recipe. You can’t beat a nice cool smoothie packed with lots of lovely fruit – mixed berry...
Perfect Strawberry healthy Smoothie recipe

Perfect Strawberry Smoothie

Always spice up your morning with a glass of fresh smoothie. Healthy smoothie breakfast can offer you many health benefits that include improved concentration during...
pineapple and passion fruit smoothie recipe

Orange Pineapple Passion Fruit Smoothie

This refreshing homemade healthy smoothie is enriched by hints of tropical fruits. Quick and simple to make full of fresh and vibrant fruits. Blended mixture of these fresh fruits...
how to make cherry smoothie recipe

Coconut Cherry Smoothie

Blend your favourite cherries, add some coconut milk, and top with fresh cherries and mint sprigs. A vitamin packed smoothie, delicious and perfect for breakfast...
Tropical Smoothie, Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Tropical Smoothie

Tropical smoothie, a Caribbean-inspired smoothie packed with tropical fruits to brighten up your morning. This smart healthy breakfast idea takes just about 5 minutes to make. Add creamy non-fat Greek yogurt and...
Beetroot smoothie recipe

Beetroot for Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Beetroot smoothie is a nutrition-packed drink, makes for a brilliant healthy breakfast idea. Beetroots are known for its various health benefits from blood pressure management...
Healthy Banana Breakfast Smoothie recipe

Healthy Banana Breakfast Smoothie

This deliciously thick and creamy banana breakfast smoothie is loaded with flavourful. Perfect for breakfast, always make a healthy start to the day. We all know bananas...
Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Kick-start your day and brighten up your morning with this healthy homemade smoothie, the ultimate mixed berry smoothie. Simple smoothie recipe packed with mixed...
Healthy green vegetable detox juice recipe

Detox green juice

Make a glass of detox vegetable juice recipe even more refreshing by using greens, one of the best ways to boost your immune system. This colourful juice is packed...
fruits to eat right now strawberries

What fruit to eat now: Strawberries

Strawberries are synonymous with spring and summer; they give a feel-good vibe. Strawberries are highly nutritious, and among the healthiest fruits on earth. You associate them with...
best brunch in lagos

Best Brunch Spots in Lagos, Nigeria

Planning your next hangout and brunch date in Lagos? There is nothing better than a relaxing brunch with friends at the end of a...
quaker oats smoothie bowl

Oatmeal Berry Bowl

Oatmeal berry bowl for breakfast? Our savoury oatmeal and berry bowl recipe is made with fun blend of three berries, non-dairy milk and oats. We can’t get...

Healthiest Fruits: What Fruits to Eat Now

Farmers markets are always bursting at the seams with tropical favorites like banana, pineapple, papaya, mango, oranges, kiwi, grapes, apples and peaches. These tropical and...
Ordering Food Online in Lagos

A Guide to Ordering Food Online in Lagos

The wonderful world of Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria as well as the biggest city in Africa can be baffling at the best of times. The...
Coffee Shops in Windhoek

The Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Windhoek

Start your morning off right with a caffeinated cup of your favourite beverage from one of Windhoek’ best coffeehouses. Whether it’s cake and coffee, high...
Best Cheap Eats in Ikoyi

The Best Cheap Eateries in Ikoyi

Ikoyi is known for its opulence, however, there’s still options for a wallet-friendly bite in Lagos’ bougie neighbourhood. Feeling hungry after breaking your bank...
The Best Coffee Shops in Accra, Ghana

The Best Coffee Shops in Accra

Looking for a caffeine hit when you visit Ghana’s capital? Whether you need to grab yours to-go, or have time to sit and sip, Accra has some...
Best restaurants in Addis Ababa

The 10 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Addis Ababa

Exploring Ethiopia? Here are 10 best breakfast and brunch spots in Addis Ababa to add on your list of places to visit. Addis Ababa the capital...
Oatmeal summer breakfast

Oatmeal summer breakfast

Kickstart your day with this fun, summer oatmeal breakfast idea. Refreshing twist to your classic morning oats, update with fresh green smoothie and tasty fruits. This...